Becky Freeley’s days as a student at Glen Ellen were far from perfect – she was ditched at the prom, cast in the background of the school play, attacked by water balloons at graduation, embarrassed by teachers – and always in the shadow of Lisa Germain. Now Becky’s back at Glen Ellen in the role of guidance counselor, channeling her own experiences to help the kids these days better navigate high school. But now that Lisa has joined the faculty, will it be high school part deux?


Bruce didn’t have it any easier than Becky in high school – but he’s turned his pain into power. As Vice Principal at Glen Ellen, he’s still afraid of the Goths, the gossip queens, and the rebel rousers – but now he’s in the position to take them down. Bruce constantly butts heads with Becky over disciplinary measures.


What Tim lacks in brains, he makes up in sweetness. When Principal Huffy moves Tim from the garage to the classroom, the former auto shop teacher can’t believe his luck. He’s hoping to use his new position in the Spanish department to impress his peers and get everyone at Glen Ellen to take him seriously. Meanwhile, Becky and Lisa are hoping to impress Tim and get him to take them out.


Lisa’s experience as a faculty member at Glen Ellen seems to be similar to her experience as a student. She’s still beautiful, still popular, still universally well liked, and still a thorn in Becky’s side. But as the school year progresses, Becky comes to realize that life as Lisa Germain isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Although it may seem like Huffy is lax, when it comes time to set the rules – whether they be kicking out a subpar substitute teacher, handling the superintendent, or enforcing safety at the school dance – he does so with authority. His secret? He’s dead inside.

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