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To: ABC Entertainment

MISS GUIDED deserves a second chance.

Three weeks is not enough time. Right as the show was catching fire and gaining viewership, its shortened season came to an end.

Bring back MISS GUIDED for the students, the counselors, the drama teachers, Spanish substitutes, administration, and fans across the country who have connected with this heartfelt comedy in a way television has not experienced in a long time.

Please donโ€™t be misguided – give this show a spot on the fall roster.


The Undersigned



  1. Leave your response below to help save Miss Guided!

  2. Judy Greer is a comic genius!!

  3. KEEP MISS GUIDED please. It is a very funny show and I think more people would watch it if it was advertised more. The show is a great show. I hope that you renew the contract, i love the acting and the characters.


  5. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG OMG! I LOVE THIS SHOW! My family & I enjoy bonding watching miss guided and laughing our guts out! It’s one of my favorite shows & this season was WAY too short!!! I WANT MORE MISS GUIDED! โค

  7. save it!! I love this show!!! it’s amazing!!

  8. i lurve miss guided. dont cancel it. it kept me going (plu i kinda wanna be a guidance counselor)

  9. I LOVE THIS SHOW TOO! IT NEEDS TO STAY!! Miss Guided is my favorite show!!

  10. I watched every single episode and LOVED it! My dad is a school administrator, so it was highly amusing to watch. I will be HIGHLY disappointed if Miss Guided does not come back for another season. It’ll be like The Days all over again for me.

  11. I LOVED this show, this was one of the only new shows that I have actually laughed out loud while watching. This is the last show that they should be getting rid of, it’s such a great show!

  12. Too many great new comedies are being canceled way too soon!

  13. Miss Guided is a gem! A quirky script and brilliant acting from everyone made it so much fun to watch. Please bring it back!

  14. Please give Miss Guided a second season! It’s a great show, and everyone I know who watched it loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Please bring back this show! I loved it and it is definitely a breath of fresh comedic air. WE WANT MISS GUIDED!

  16. This show is about what I do. Only the show is funny.


  18. please save this show……….PLEASE!!!

  19. In the few episodes that Miss Guided had, I just fell completely in love with those characters and the comedy! When I heard it was going to be done after a few weeks, I was very disappointed. I wanted more! Please bring it back and allow those of us who love good comedy a fighting chance!

  20. I’m 21 years old and trying to be a teacher. I watch this show as often as I can and I can’t get enough of it. The characters are great and the camera work makes it that much better in my opinion.

  21. Please, Please, Please renew Miss Guided….sooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!

  22. Please bring it back; I’ve been a Judy Greer fan for years, and she is delightful in this show. It’s witty and fun!!

  23. Come one! It was hilarious! SUPPORT MISS GUIDED!

  24. Save Miss Guided!

  25. Best show in a looooooooooooong time!!!!!!

  26. Seriously, ABC, bring this show back! It’s one of the funniest new comedies I’ve seen in a while. It’s not just idiotic humor, either, it’s intelligently written and extremely witty. Take my word for it, I’m not the only person who feels this way. Many of my friends love the show, and obviously everyone who signs the petition does as well. I want to see more Miss Guided!

  27. Please renew this show, it’s such a well-written, well-performed comedy. I’ve watched all the episodes more than once on because it’s funny over and over. It would be such a shame not to see these characters again – please bring it back!

  28. please, please, please bring it back! I watched al the episodes on and its so precious

  29. I love this show…please keep it on. I watched every episode and loved it. Great cast…lots of laughs. We need more sitcoms like this one!

  30. Yes please! I can’t stand to think of Tim with Lisa forever!!!

  31. please keeep this show on its amazing and Judy Greer is an amazing actress! this show neeeeeeeds to be renewed

  32. Bring back this show!

  33. This show has the heart that so many sitcoms are missing these days. Give it more of a chance ABC!

  34. Before I was flipping though channels and caught Miss Guided by chance I had not watched ABC since Two Guys a Girl and Pizza Place was on the air. ABC now has one more viewer, of other ABC shows like Pushing Daisies, thanks to Miss Guided–the only show on ABC that could rival The Office

  35. This show is a breath of fresh air. It hasn’t been on long enough! I was so disappointed to see that the season finale was on already.

  36. Miss Guided is a great show!!!! PLEASE keep it on the air. It is so well-written and the actors are terrific. It needs to exist.

  37. Miss Guided – We Love You!

  38. I am a teacher and I love this show! Think of how many teachers the world employs! Think of how many students there are! It’s fun to have a laugh at the occupation.

  39. As a guidance counselor, I am loving this show & really want to see it renewed!!!!

  40. i absolutely loved and ejoyed this show while it lasted! it definately deserves a second chance..they can’t just stop it when it was getting so goooood! come back, come back, come back!

  41. i absolutely loved and ejoyed this show while it lasted! it definately deserves a second chance..they canโ€™t just stop it when it was getting so goooood! come back, come back, come back!

  42. I love this show– please don’t make it go the way of Arrested Development

  43. i loved this show!!! It was soooo funny and the actors were sooo enjoyable!!
    please bring it back!!

  44. Please bring the show back! =)


  46. they NEED to keep this show!!!! especially with the way they left things off in the season finale.

  47. I definitely liked this show. The leads are solid and believable and the episodes are funny, lighthearted and cute – something I am looking for right now after I watch the nightly news! Bring it back! Let’s all have a laugh.

  48. MISS GUIDED is what i look forward to when it comes Thursday. It’s a great show that has great potential. PLEASE bring another season!

  49. this show is awesome!!! so funny and cute. chris parnell is a genius.


  51. Judy Greer is awesome! And director Todd Holland is the best, too! Please bring them back for next season!

  52. Love the show!!!

  53. miss guided is the best show on tv right now!! please please renew!!

  54. Cute show. Deserves another chance.

  55. All of my own unresolved high school hopes and dreams are riding on Becky and Tim living happily ever after…please bring this show back so that after 4 or 5 very successful seasons they can ride off happily into the sunset…together!!!

  56. Miss Guided is a fun show especially for teenagers. We can definately relate to the concepts.

  57. Please keep this show! It’s hilarious. Chris Parnell is hysterical.

  58. please bring back MISS GUIDED im a junior in high school and I can totally relate to this show. its also funny. common teenagers need new shows to watchg, the simpsons and family guy are getting too predictable and us teens need a show to relate to since the O.C

  59. As a counselor, I’m both ridiculously entertained by and well-connected with this show. You MUST keep it!

  60. I really liked this show!! It is very entertaining. I also love the fact that it is a pretty clean show..Not too many shows like that these days.. Please bring it back!!

  61. Although I’m aware that the show’s initial episode run was completed–it just seemed short because it ran 2 eps per week–I definitely want to see it on ABC’s fall schedule when upfronts are presented next month. Chris & Judy are extremely funny in their roles.

  62. Bring back Miss Guided! It was fresh, funny, and so much more entertaining than a bunch of those stale reality shows.

  63. I love this show! I am going to school for teaching and I absolutely can relate to this show…PLEASE keep it going!

  64. This is one of the better shows since the untimely demise of Arrested Development! I sincerely hope that the show will be picked up for next season!

  65. Kevin Reilly gave “The Office” a chance… look what happened. This show has the same potential. Bring it back! Bring it back! Best new comedy by far!

  66. This show is hilarious!


  68. I love this show! Please bring it back!

  69. My friends and I gathered for all 7 episodes of MISS GUIDED and we so want to do it again next season! The show is funny, charming, hilarious and touching. Please bring it back! With more episodes and proper advertising, I know this fantastic show will get great ratings!

  70. keep airing this show. its hilarious

  71. funniest sitcom from cbs in a loooooooooong time, don’t shoot yourselves in the foot

  72. i ment abc i swear


  74. Miss Guided is one of those rare quirky comedies that some people don’t get, but is very funny in its own way. Judy Greer was magnificent in Arrested Development, and years later, I appreciate that show more. Please do not take this show off of the air!

  75. Please bring back Miss Guided for a 2nd season.

  76. YES i need more Miss Guided. I want nothing more than to continue to get pummeled by Chris Parnell… in the mind!

  77. abc would be out of its mind to get rid of such a great comedy after giving it such a short run, and so little advertising (whereas Eli Stone deserved much much LESS advertising). bring it back! and bring back Pushing Daisies, too.

  78. KEEP IT ON! its hilarious. the best part of my day is watching that show! MISS GUIDED IS DA BOMB!

  79. I freaking love this show! It is so funny. My husband and I watch every week. We laugh so hard and are still making jokes from the show later on in the week! Please don’t cancel it. I have already told all my friends that they should be watching it. Plus I need to know what’s going to happen between Becky and Tim they are so cute and everything is so relatable in this show. It just makes me happy when I watch it! RENEW RENEW RENEW! And advertise more!

  80. judy greer, chris parnell and todd holland are all so talented. dont let this show go away!

  81. OMG! I LOOOOOOOVE Miss Guided!!!!!!

  82. Fantastic direction. Fantastic concept. Great writing. Solid talent…. isn’t this an obvious green light?

  83. Please extend this show; otherwise, I won’t have any reason to watch television.

  84. This is a great show! Please bring it back for Judy Greer and Chris Parnell. They’re hilarious!

  85. I hope to see this show back in the fall. It is so well written, and such a funny show. I am looking forward to seeing what happens to everyone this fall!

  86. Miss Guided rocks! Please keep it on

  87. Judy Greer is the best thing on TV!

  88. Boyee!

  89. Surprised to be signing a petition to get one of the best shows on TV back on the air – didn’t think it would be necessary since it’s so great – and so many other agree! The humor is refreshing and they nailed it with the casting of the show. Don’t let it go away!

  90. One of few quality, funny shows on TV right now. Please keep it on!

  91. This show is one of the funniest shows thats been on air in a LONG time! The cast is amazing. The humor is smart. Powers that be, please don’t cancel another amazing show!

  92. I LOVE this show, and I pray it comes back!!! I know several people who will be very angry if it disappears off the face of the Earth. Keep Miss Guided going!

  93. I would like back the greatest job I’ve ever had, please.

    Art Dept is No Joke.

  94. Judy Greer alone is enough to bring it back!

  95. Love the show

  96. This show has a lot of potential, and in Todd Holland’s capable hands (with the presence of the always wonderful Chris Parnell), I really believe it can grow a large, loyal audience that relates to the pathos of going home again. Please give this show a shot!

  97. Bring it back, the first season was great

  98. Please renew! I enjoy this so much! It’s such a pleasure to watch!

  99. Excellent show! Please renew!

  100. Please bring back the show !!

  101. please bring this show back.

  102. please bring back this show….its so smart, original and the cast is so hilarious. come on ABC…make the right decision….no more shows like “according to jim” and more “miss guided”!!!!

  103. Keep em coming – Great Show!

  104. Good shows become great shows. Give this one a chance, it’ll make a lot of people happy and the network a lot of $$$ eventually.

  105. Funniest show ever made starring white people.

  106. Bring it on back now!!!

  107. Great lead in Judy Greer and great direction by Todd Holland. ABC would be misguided not to renew “Miss Guided”!

  108. With a televsion lineup that is simply full of regurgitated ideas and senseless “reality” types, Miss Guided is an absolute pleasure to watch and has some bang-on casting choices.

    Without question, Miss Guided has earned a regular slot on the airwaves and should continue to grow in popularity and be a production worth being proud of.

  109. This show is worth betting the farm on. Give it another go!

  110. I’m hooked, bring it back!!

  111. One of my favorite shows… Please bring it

  112. Soooooooo funny!!! Bring it back!!!

  113. Love this show. It’s fresh & funny — ok it’s HILARIOUS. You’ve really got to give it a chance at a full season.

  114. Second chance …. PLEASE !

  115. I LOVE this show! Please bring it back!

  116. Dear network honchos:

    Once upon a time …

    “Cheers” … was on the bubble.

    “Seinfeld” … was on the bubble.

    Don’t be misguided! Renew Miss Guided!

  117. Please renew Miss Guided!! Judy Greer is a comic genius. It needs to be given a chance

  118. I think the show is terriffic and funny! PLease give it the time to develope an audience. People find great characters and great writing and MISS GUIDED is one of those gems that needs to be seen–plus its relateable to the whole family! Parents remembering their years in school and their kids who are going through it now–always something to share and laugh about!


  119. Please bring it back, I’m tired of Ballot Bowl

  120. My friends, brother and I love this show — everyone we’ve recommended it to has become as hooked on it as we are… and we’re all waiting for more!

  121. Please Bring it back! Very Funny.

  122. This show has so much potential and should not be cut short just yet! Give it another chance.

  123. This is a terrific show. Please bring back this smart, funny family entertainment. My children and I enjoy it together! Thanks.

  124. Funny shows deserve a chance to develop. Look at “Cheers” or “Seinfeld” – if they had been cancelled after their first seasons, TV history would not have been made!

  125. Great, innovative and funny shows come along only once in a while. Donโ€™t make the NBCโ€™s Hill Street Blues mistake of having egg-on-your-face by not realizing that you have a real gem in your pocket. Keep it rolling.

  126. Great show! Bring it back – PLEASE!

  127. Deaf people love the show what a short life keep going need bad thing in this wrold.

  128. if anyone from ABC is reading this:


    bring it back!

  129. Do Not …. Please Do Not take this show off the air … there are far too few shows that have heart and intellect and humor and this is one of them. We need more shows of this caliber.

  130. Great show!!!!! Very Funny! This show is a winner and bound to be a success!

  131. This is the kind of show that NEEDS to be on TV. It’s funny and bright and well written. Bring back good television.

  132. Hilarious show! Keep it!

  133. Funny & Innovative show. Don’t let a good thing go.
    Be smart and renew this jewel.

  134. This is my favorite show…PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!

  135. I watched every episode and want more!

  136. Refreshing! Funny! My favorite show! I look forward to it all week!

  137. Keep Miss/Guided going!

  138. Great show, deserves another season or two or three etc…..


  140. This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. I can’t believe you would even consider taking it off of the air. Please don’t!

  141. the show’s got charm and a funny cast

  142. Please bring back Miss Guided!! I heart this show!!

  143. only funny show on tv,please renew!!

  144. Please leave this comic materpiece on air. I wouldn’t know what to do if Miss Guided was not on T.V.

  145. How could you even think of not bringing this show back? Brinit back!!!!!

  146. It would be a “misguided” decision indeed to yank this amazing show. Please do the right thing . . .

  147. Please keep “Miss Guided”!!!! The show is original and the actors are hilarious. We need a great comedy like this one to stay!!!

  148. Judy’s terrific and the show is a blast. Give it more time!

  149. Please bring back this show. It is fabulous. The first season was too short. I want more “miss guided”.

  150. I love this show!!!! You HAVE to bring it back. Make the right decision for once. Keep Miss Guided.

  151. It’s simply not all that often that I get a “belly-laugh” from
    ANY show on TV. MIS GUIDED is the exception to the rule.
    Hilarious and brilliantly written. kudos to Todd Holland and
    Judy Greer. Bottom line: this funny show makes me laugh!

    If I feel good about the show, then I’ll probably feel equally good about the network AND the sponsors. Get it?

  152. This show is brilliant!
    (And Judy Greer is a genius.)
    Bring it back, fools.

  153. This show is fabulous!

  154. Show is great! Please keep it on the air!!!

  155. Please renew the show!! It’s amazing and wasn’t given the proper chance to bloom. Thanks!

  156. This is my favorite show, please keep it on the air!!!!

  157. Don’t let this show go away

  158. Let’s not make any hasty moves here! Step awaaaaay from the button… keep this on plzzz….

  159. We want more episodes! Please bring it back.

  160. Please keep this show going, most of us on here just know enough about it to know we want to see more.

  161. With decreasing numbers of quality TV shows airing, ABC should seriously consider keeping Miss Guided on the fall roster. The show is clever, hilarious and filled with great performances. I am certain that the already good ratings can’t go but up. DO NOT cancel it. Please.

  162. Keep ’em coming.

  163. My family wishes to continue seeing the show — please keep it going. I’m spreading the word to friends to watch the show. I’m sure it will continue to catch fire. Hang in there, ABC!

  164. Come one, this is one of the few good shows out there. Please don’t take it away from us!!!

  165. Elevate the art form of television! Keep quality programming on the air – pick up another season of Miss Guided.

  166. Bring it back – need fresh faces and humor on TV

  167. Great show – keep it. Sad that you would cancel this show when horrible programming like Two and a Half Men is left on the air…

  168. Keep it comin

  169. It’s a great show! I surprised that there’s even a question of keeping it on. My kids love it too!

  170. Deaf and hard of hearing people like the show. It was easy for then understand have have teacher valley ca.

  171. It’s a very funny show and could make a good pairing with “Samantha Who?”, which is also very funny and deserving of another shot.

  172. Witty and touching – please bring it back!

  173. keep this on! judy greer is the best!

  174. HUGE Fan! Don’t cancel!

  175. This show is funny and Judy Greer and Chris Parnell are just so hilarious! ABC, you should think more about comedic quality than ratings! Please give this show another shot!

  176. ABC:

    With Missguided you finally have a answer to Earl,Office, 30 Rock and Malcolm in the Middle, don’t blow it! For God sakes, the world does not need another “Celebrity Re-Hab Checkbook Balancing Cajun Runway” show. Seriously, we don’t, RENEW MISSGUIDED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Bring back Miss Guided! Chris Parnell and Earl Billings are hysterical together. And Brooke Burns is HOT!

  178. Love the show!

  179. Caroline Williams is a genius, keep her show on the air!

  180. Miss Guided is one of the few shows that my girlfriend makes me watch that I actually enjoy! The guys on that show are all great! Please bring it back alongside “Samantha Who” and make my “girlfriend time” funnier!

  181. Please keep Missguided on the schedule – it’s a bright spot in a dismal tv reality world and one of those that if given a chance will end up a classic. Don’t take it off the air before more people have a chance to be entertained by something truly funny and witty!!

  182. Keep me laughing. Keep Miss Guided on the air! This show is a wonderfully entertaining gift to viewers.

  183. If you don’t renew Miss Guided, you’ll wish you did when another network makes a pile of money on it.

  184. Please keep Miss guided on ABC fall schedule. I like the show. It’s funny, it’s cute and it contagious.
    How another try.

  185. It would be a shame to discontinue such a
    wonderful show, not to mention how disappointed my household would be.

  186. Keep Miss Guided running. I love the show, it is funny! I watched the show on tv and on the computer, both times I was laughing.

  187. Great show. Great cast. Give it a chance to grow!

  188. I think this show is cute. I love Judy Greer.

  189. This is the BEST new show this season. Quality quality. Caroline Williams and crew are the wave of the future. The Office started off as a mid season show, let Miss Guided get a chance to shine too with a full season next year.

  190. Miss Guided is one of the best new shows out there! I have to see more! Everyone in our house from 13 to 50 loves this show!

  191. There are a myriad of reasons I believe this show should have a life beyond it’s first season, but chiefly among them, my two sons. They need food, shelter, an education, all things that money can help me provide them. Save Miss Guided! Do it for the children!

  192. Miss Guided is funny!!! Keep it on!

  193. We need the laughs!

  194. Pair it with Samantha Who? And you have a great hour of tv for the fall schedule! PUH-LEEEZE!?

  195. I love this show. Judy Greer is one of our very best comediennes and Todd Holland has created another original template that will be imitated but never duplicated! Please, please, please pick it up and give this show a chance to find it’s audience. Everyone I know who has seen it loves it. It will be a hit!

  196. Bring it back!

  197. PLEASE keep this show!!!!

  198. There’s an audience for Miss Guided–give them all a chance to show you!!

  199. Please renew Miss Guided. We need good intelligent comedy.

  200. You guys have a commercial AND critical success here if you’d give it a chance.

  201. There should be no need for a petition…it’s a no brainer. Rev up the cameras and get some new episodes on the tube!!!

  202. ABC give MissGuided a chance. This is a great show! Bring it back for more.

  203. Please let this show continue. It is the best comedy I have seen in a long time.
    I love the cast and would be very upset with ABC if it did not continue.

  204. I love JGreer!

  205. Parnell should be the vice principal of America!!!

  206. Take a leap of faith – please renew Miss Guided. Good writing, good acting and good revenue. A win for everyone!!

  207. This show is the freshest comedy I’ve seen since Malcolm in the Middle was on the air. Keep it going please.

  208. Loved the show. Loved seeing Ashton Kutcher and I am rooting for J Greer on and off camera. She is such a likable lead. In the face of it all she maintains an innocence that I haven’t felt since the 70’s.

  209. I loved MissGuided ,it brought me back to my school days.Great stoy line

  210. This show is genius – Judy Greer is awesome. There is something different about this show – it doesn’t feel like a typical, boring sitcom – it’s fresh and when it’s allowed to be edgy, it’s at its best. Please keep it alive!

  211. This show had a very refreshing take to it, I hope it stays on air.

  212. This show’s just too good to die so young.

  213. The network would be misguided if they didn’t bring it back!

  214. Please give MissGuided a chance.

  215. Please bring back Miss Guided! I LOVE Judy Greer! She’s America’s sweetheart! The writing is great and the show cracks me up! Nothing like it since Malcolm in the Middle!!!!

  216. this is truly an engaging, sweet, and funny show… hard to pull off to be sure, but the blend of interesting characters and compelling story lines creates an entertaining half hour. An audience will find it given a chance. Please keep it going.

  217. Miss Guided deserves another chance. Inventive, interesting characters. Bring it back.

  218. keep miss guided

  219. keep miss guide

  220. Please keep MISS GUIDED on the air. i was surprised to find myself vigorously laughing out loud with each episode.

  221. Save this quality program

  222. Please bring MISS GUIDED back! Thank you.

  223. Only 3 weeks?! Please bring it back, I love this show!

  224. Wonderful show! Please do keep it! Judy Greer and the rest of the cast are wonderful, cutting it now would be the worst thing to do, you seriously cannot expect it to gain more audience if you show the only seven episodes in three weeks! I love this show, and believe me, I don’t love a lot of sitcoms.

  225. As an education major, I love this show! It’s wonderful to see a show about my future profession, as opposed to only shows about doctors or lawyers. Please please keep this show on the air!! Judy Greer fills her role perfectly and deserves the chance to shine in this show!

  226. Please bring Miss Guided back. Fantastic show!

  227. Loved the show!!! Would really enjoy seeing more of it!

  228. The viewers will support it if given the chance.

  229. We love Miss Guided! Give it a chance!

  230. THIS SHOW IS THE BEST! It’s quirky, it’s fun. And who doesn’t love Judy Greer?

  231. This show is really smart and different. Please give it a chance to grow and build. The cast is so funny. Bring them back abc!

  232. Not renewing the show would be Miss Guided!

  233. I love this show! My husband hears me laughing and tells me to tape it because he doesn’t want to “miss” out. I’ve been in education for over twenty years and trust me, these characters ring true and deserve to be saved! Please don’t let it die!

  234. Finally a show that is interesting and quirky and fun, pleae keep Miss Guided on the air!

  235. The actors on this show are just fantastic. Please bring back Miss Guided.

  236. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I love this show!

  237. I have to say as an educator and a Mom and someone who survived High School in the ’80’s I connect to the scho on WAY too many levels and find it cathartic and funny and just plain too good to loose. The audience IS out here, please bring it back. How about that Principal, huh? He KILLS me, best on the show!

  238. Great show. Keep it on the air.
    Earl Billings is fun person to

  239. Such a sweet show! Keep it around!

  240. I love the show. Great cast.
    Keep it on the air. We need
    more shows like this. Just
    plain fun.

  241. My wife and I haven’t felt this way since we heard they were going to take off Seinfeld. I hope the studio comes to their senses and gives this comedy a 2nd chance.

  242. Renew it. Please. The combined talents of cast and crew make it worth bringing back after a truncated initial run. Give it a full season order.

  243. great show. very funny and real joy to watch. please keep on the air.

  244. This show is absolutely great give it some more episodes.

  245. seriously renew this already!!

  246. This is a fantastically funny show. I’ve been wanting Ms. Greer to have her own show for a long, long time, and this is a very satisfying one, indeed. Please keep it on air!

  247. Few shows have such a sure “sense of themselves,” especially this early in their TV lives. Tantalyzing to think of how GREAT it could be in 2-3-10 years, a la ensembles like Cheers or The Office, both of which started slow. Plus sitcoms this good are just so hard to find…!

  248. Please renew “MissGuided”! It’s hilarious! Judy Greer is brilliant and Chris Parnell is hysterical. It would be a great companion to “Samantha Who?”… Keep the funny on the air!

  249. When I ask at work how many know about this show there have been very few. Please put some effort into advertising and let everyone else see what the critics and those who have watched are raving about. As a senior teacher, this show hits home on many issues. If you can’t laugh at them, you retire. Keep it on the tube.

  250. This is one of the funniest and freshest comedies to come along in a very, very long time. If ABC brings it back they’ll have a HUGE hit on their hands. The whole cast is so talented! The show is amazing!!! Bring “Miss Guided” back!!!!

  251. Miss Guided is a breath of fresh air for scripted comedy. Dropping this show would be a huge mistake.

  252. What a great cast and a great show. And it just keeps getting better. This is one of the few scripted shows that seems to have legs … so let it run and run!

  253. Bring it back!

  254. Bring back Misguided for another season. It’s amusing to see these these high school characters we’ve all known portrayed in such an outrageous way.

  255. The funniest cast on television! A very smart comedy. Don’t let it go away. We need it!!!

  256. This show rocks!!!!! Judy Greer is comic gold!

  257. This is a great show and should stay on the air!

  258. I loved this show. Give it a chance.

  259. How can you remove such a positive show with great acting, witty humor and pertinent story lines? It’s so refreshing to have a show i can watch with my teen girls. We promise to keep watching if you keep airing!!!


  261. Love Judy Greer….seven episodes were too little
    especially since they were back to back.

    This is a bright spot on an otherwise dismal
    lineup. Give it a chance. You will b e rewarded.
    ABC hang in there!
    Promote…and get behind it.

  262. Give it a chance.

  263. Please renew this show. It’s funny and full of major talent, on and off the camera. Even the gaffers working on the show are major talents. And the caterers. They’re super talented too.

    Learn from Arrested Development. Keep the MissGuided on the air!!!

  264. Everybody, and I mean Everybody who I have told to watch the show ended up loving it.
    That’s a lot of love.
    This should become a long and beautiful relationship – this show has all the right stuff and then some.

  265. I feel a little silly championing a show like Miss Guided — like defending air as good for the lungs, or sunshine good for small children and flowers!

    Come on, people — there aren’t enough amazing shows like Miss Guided! Keep it on the air, let it build an audience, and people will be soon by saying “Seinwho?!”

  266. Don’t give up! GREAT premise!. Stay with it. Get on the writers.
    Hire me. I”m good.

  267. I really enjoyed Miss Guided. I think it is very funny, quirky, clever, and very enjoyable. ABC needs more comedies like this. Please bring it back for the fall. I would really like to watch it.!!

  268. Wonderful show. Quality television; more than can be said about the other types of programming so common on TV right now. Excellent writing. Enough of reality show no brainers. Keep the momentum going.

  269. noooooooooooooo!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW TO MUCH TO LET IT DIE! thursday night was my new tv night!

  270. MissGuided is fresh and fun!! The characters are so well cast!! The show is smart and clever and I hope it will come back to ABC and stay for a long time! Thanks for a show that made me laugh out loud!!

  271. Don’t you dare cancel this show! It’s my favorite in years!

  272. keep this show on the air… funny and smart!!!!!!!

  273. Let it build! It is the right choice.

  274. yes, please renew this show! it’s wonderful and has all the potential in the world! Give it more time so it can catch on like “30 Rock” and “The Office.” Please bring “Miss Guided” back!

  275. Please renew “Miss Guided.” The show was not given enough time! The cast, especially Judy Greer & Chris Parnell, are hilarious in this show. I looked forward to watching it every week. Please don’t make this another one of those amazingly good, critically acclaimed shows that gets cancelled.

  276. I don’t usually laugh out loud when I watch TV, but Chris Parnell’s character is HILARIOUS! Please, please — renew the show! It’s a highlight.

  277. I loved the show! And, everyone I talked to loved the show – my 13 year old son and his friends watched every episode and thought it was “cool” and a soccer mom and her 23 year old daughter made it a point to watch the show together. MissGuided is a clever, well written show that deserves to stay on TV.

  278. The show is adorable!! Everyone I’ve talked to who saw it, loved it! Judy Greer is wonderful and the quirky “staff” and “students” totally fun.
    btw, hope you bring back the Principal’s secretary in the “Hot Sub” episode. She’s great!!!

  279. Hi. Love the show. Judy Green is very funny and Principal Huffy is a quiet riot of laughter. Love it when he plays the sensible foil against the foolishness. Good separation between his role and the character of Bruce. This show has a diverse cast of really talented actors. Fresh story on TV. Finally!!!! Keep the show.


  281. Fantastic! Lets keep this going for as long as possible.

  282. I need to see if Tim and Becky get together! Bring back Miss Guided.

  283. Keep Miss Guided!

  284. Great cast, funny show. Keep it coming.

  285. Bring the show back!

  286. Please renew…Chris Parnell is awesome!

  287. Amazing show that must stay on the air!!!

  288. Thanks for such an entertaining show. Not many of those around any more. Don’t let it slip away.

  289. This show is so entertaining. Let’s not let it get away from us. Please keep it on.

  290. Please renew the show. It’s great!

  291. I need more Becky Freely in my life. Don’t kill yet another fantastic show!!!

  292. KEEP IT!!! The creators of the show have done a wonderful job!

  293. yay missguided. keep it.

  294. Please bring MissGuided back. It’s the best new comedy in the past few years. PLEASE!!!!

  295. The considerable efforts and talents of the performers and filmmakers who have touched so many obviously devoted audience members deserve an opportunity to get a proper foothold. Please give the unique, charming, intelligent and beautifully written MISS GUIDED a chance to flourish and further build their audience with additional episodes!

  296. Keep it! Hilarious!

    Chris Parnell is hysterical!

  297. Keep it comin’!

    Chris Parnell is hilarious!

  298. renew the show!
    It was a hoot !

  299. Please bring it back. Miss Guided is hilariously funny. I found out about the show by accident so it is likely that many people never had a chance to hear about it. I know teachers and guidance counselors would definitely watch the show if it is given a chance.

  300. this is a well-written, hilarious show; please bring it back I’m so sick of being forced to watch reality show

  301. please renew, im so sick of reality shows, this was one of the few good things to watch

  302. give the show the chance it deserves…have some balls. let’s all work to make tv better. judy greer is an angel…there are not many like her in Hollywood…

  303. Great show…
    Bring it BACK!

  304. Loved it. Chris Parnell was the bomb.

  305. I love this show. It is so nice to see a show on TV today where the star is down to earth, funny, and noble at the same time. Please keep this show going. I have three teenadge daughters and there are so few shows on TV today that I honestly like watching with them. Please bring back Miss Guided

    Thank you

  306. This is the kind of smart, engaging comedy that can become a huge hit because it also has alot of heart. Don’t make the mistake of canceling. A little nurturing and this seed will grow into something wonderful.

  307. Miss Guided was very funny. It DESERVES another season!

  308. My 15 year old LOVES MISS GUIDED! Why not keep an entertaining show that promises to grow even better on the air?

    Tony Cowley

  309. We love the show. Please bring it back

  310. Keep the show on!! It is actually funny. Rare these days!

  311. Miss Guided deserves another chance. Please bring it back!!! I love this smart quirky show.

  312. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  313. I think this show needs more of an opportunity to be seen! It is very clever and I believe could be very popular.
    Let it Live!!!!!

  314. You need to keep this show on the air…..!..It would be such a shame to lose it…Love everybody in the cast!…please ,please ,please!

  315. It’s refreshing to watch a genuinely funny show that actually makes me laugh. Please keep this quality program! It’s a gem!

  316. It isn’t often that one finds a cast & crew that seem to “click” at the very start, all while delivering relevant issues. Please give this show a chance & renew it.

  317. Please renew “Miss Guided.” It is awesome.

  318. Fun show, don’t let it go!

  319. This is such a great show so please bring it back next season.

  320. Please renew “Miss Guided.” It is an awesome show.

  321. Great Show! Please keep it going.


    Michael Spicer

  322. I love “MissGuided” Please renew it… it is so so funny.. its all i watch…

  323. As someone who also has returned to work at her high school alma mater-this show really hits home, and the funny bone. I loved this show and I would hate to see it come to an end after such a short run! Don’t we need to know what happens to Becky and Tim?

  324. This is a great show. Please bring it back. DON’T CANCEL IT.

  325. More Miss Guided PLEASE!!!
    Well worth a second season!!!
    Well written and well acted… what’s not to like.

  326. I think this show is a true gem in a world of crap television, letting it go away would be a crime against humanity. An irreconcilable crime. Not to mention, Kristoffer Polaha is terrific and not only deserves to be on TV, but his talent and gift DEMAND it. Peace, bitches.

  327. very, very funny show! please keep it on the air. its not too often that a witty sitcom can capture the awkwardness of high school life, for kids and adults! and chris parnell is hilarious!

  328. The show is well thought out. It’s working give it a little more time and back it up with advertising, please reconsider.

  329. Please renew the show!

  330. i love this show. its awsime . its insoired me to become a giudence counsler. please bring back ths show


  332. Come on! It’s adorable! Give it a chance!

  333. This show is the best offering of 2008, any network. Great cast, great writing. Give us more!!!

  334. Please bring back Miss Guided. It is hilarious!!

  335. Love it, love it, love it!!!
    Judy Greer is hilarious! I’m looking forward to another full season, please! When should we tune in next?
    Did I say, I love it?

  336. Pleasea keep MissGuided going…don’t pull a Fox and take off a great show because it has not received it’s due appreciation yet…

  337. Please bring it back!

  338. Please bring Miss Guided back ABC, you’ve barely given it a chance! It’s quite funny and one of the very few shows on television that I actually like. The only thing is that the show has too little advertisement, so no one knows about it. Put a little more effort into letting people know about this show, and it will be a success.

  339. This is such a smart show. The writers have nailed it and the actors flawless execute their roles. I’ve laughed so hard because there is a tiny bit of high school left in all of us. Keep it going!

  340. The show is great I have to see more.

  341. puhleeese keep this on the air!

  342. This is a darling show and because of NCAA basketball and the strike, it hasn’t had a fair shake. Please keep it on the air. Give it a chance!

  343. Keep it going….it’s very funny!

  344. Please keep the show. I think the best is yet to come. But what I’ve seen is great!

  345. I love this show!! It’s currently my favorite/funniest show on T.V.. All my friends love it. Please don’t cancel this show!!

  346. It’s about time…just when I was about to give up on
    television! The show is great, the cast is great!
    Please give us more…lots more!

  347. Just when I was about to give up on Network T.V…
    Great show…great cast!
    We want more…lots more!!!

  348. How can you not renew Miss Guided? Chris Parnell is sexy genius gold!

  349. Please renew Miss Guided. It’s fun, funny and lighthearted.

  350. The show is very funny. I think Chris Parnell is perfect in his role. Particularly the “He’s not gay” bit with the high school rating system website. Funny.

  351. Please Bring Back Miss Guided!! Its such a funny show, and there are great characters I want to learn more about.

  352. I Lovvvvvvvved this show….Judy Geer is funny as hell…Let’s not forget the brillant directing…..I want to see more this Fall seasonnnnnnnnnnn…….

  353. Please renew the show, there’s a character for everyone to laugh along with in it!

  354. Keep funny alive! This show’s ensemble is so impressive, headed by the hilarious Judy Greer. Chris Parnell has never been more hilarious! Good sitcoms seem to be a rarity this season, so PLEASE give MissGuided its chance…. BRING IT BACK!

  355. Chris Parnell is a comedic genius and this show is soooo funny! Please keep it on the air for all of us who had bad experiences in high school!!!!!

  356. Enjoyed the characters so much. they need a chance to grow and only you can give them that!!!renew Miss Guided.

  357. Give the show a chance, keep it on the air.

  358. This show is terrific. And Chris Parnell is the best! Please bring it back for another season. I caught it late and really loved it.

  359. Do not let this show die—–It is too good and promises only to get even better!!!

  360. This show is hysterical and very relevant to today’s world. Please, please keep this show going. There needs to be more tv shows like Miss Guided!

  361. Keep it going…….

  362. PLEASE RENEW “Miss Guided”!! You can place it in a comedy lineup with “Samantha Says” & “Scrubs” (which I know is heading to ABC in the fall). PLEASE! It’s a quality show with a fabulous cast & terrific writing. Give it another try, please!!

  363. Oops…I’m tired…I meant “Samantha Who”!

  364. Please please bring back Miss Guided. You wetted out appetite, now its time for the main course. And please bring back Robin Krieger with it. She is a real gem.

  365. Just renew it already. You know you want to.

  366. This show is terrific, and Chris Parnell is absolutely fantastic! Please keep it on the air. This is the best comedy show I’ve seen in a very long time, and I would be very sad if 7 episodes is all we get. Every friend I have encouraged to watch the show comes away singing it’s praises and wanting to know when more will be coming. My wife and I were dumbstruck when the 7th show was the “season finale.” Please give the show a full season so that the entire country can enjoy the laughs!

  367. I came upon this show by accident and fell in love with it! I only got to see 2 episodes, but I can’t wait for more…it’s such a great combination of silly and smart, goofy and good-hearted. Don’t give up on this gem of a series just yet… it deserves a real chance to find an audience (or for the audience to find it — like I did.)

  368. Great shows don’t necessarily find huge audiences overnight. What is the point of canceling a show this quickly? Don’t be foolish–this is a smart stylish show with little competition. I’m so sick of Survidolbrotherace.

  369. Keep Miss Guided!

  370. Please keep the show MIsguided. It is really funny. Someone was talking about an episode to me yesterday.

  371. Please keep Miss Guided on the air! It is sooo funny and totally brings me back to my less than stellar HS days! Hysterical!
    Chris Parnell is a great smarmy character.
    Love all the crazy characters and the students popping in and out of their teen angst senarios!
    KEEP THIS ON THE AIR!!! It has added a bright light to the dull winter without any other new shows due to the writers strike. Keep this one going. Let it find its audience before you pull the plug. It deserves it!

  372. I seem to find it more difficult every season to find a show on TV worth watching…you finally hit the ball out of the park with Miss Guided…please reconsider and give the show and your audience the opportunity it and we so richly deserve.

  373. You’ve never had a show better than this.
    Please don’t kill your baby.

  374. Yes, keep this how on the air.

  375. Seriously Brilliant!!!

    In a time when so much bad programming hits the air with much fan fair, it would be a bigger shame to lose something so well done and honestly funny. Please keep this show alive!

  376. Love it, love it, love it! Tell all my friends about it!

  377. I only saw one episode and unfortunately it was the last one. What an absolutely fantastic show. Everyone can relate to the characters, laughing at them and with them and inevitabley at themselves as well. PLEASE BRING US MORE!

  378. We like fresh and funny! There is nothing misguided about “Miss Guided”. Talented company of artists, it’s worth keeping them around.

  379. KEEP THIS SHOW! Polaha is a genius.

  380. Miss Guided is the only sitcom I have watched
    in the last 4 years other than 30 Rock….
    and you know I think this is actually much
    funnier that 30 Rock!
    Please don’t overlook what could be the next
    “Friends or “Seinfeld” !!!
    Keep this show on the air..PLEASE!!!

  381. Funny show! Keep It ON!

  382. Please, ABC, I beg of you! Keep Miss Guided on for the fall. Order 13 more episodes, or maybe only the 6 that never got written/filmed. We just want it back!

  383. MISS GUIDED is America’s show…time will tell and America will certainly attest. Please give it a future so that ALL of America (those from the east coast to the west coast and all the land in-between) have a show to watch that brings a smile to the face, genuine belly laughter and a gentle nudge in the right direction. MISS GUIDED, a breath of fresh air for television, and America. God knows we need it.

  384. I LOVE this show! The humor is so relatable and it has such amazing people from the cast to the writers working on it. Please bring it back and show the viewers that we have a voice, and a say in the matter. We are watching! Buy as many episodes as you can, ABC!!

  385. Funny show! Keep It ON! great show! Bring it back for more.

  386. ๐Ÿ˜€


    don’t go … you make me happy

  387. Just caught this show on my TiVo. It’s awesome – I would def. watch another season.

  388. This is truly the most enjoyable show I’ve seen in a very long time. It is also MUCH needed in the seemingly nonstop parade of reality shows- a welcome escape. 3 weeks only left me wanting more and saddened that it would be some time before new episodes would be coming on. Please give this show (and it’s incredible cast) the opportunity it deserves.

  389. This one is definitely a keeper!!!! Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back…………

  390. Fantastic direction. Fantastic concept. Great writing. Solid talentโ€ฆ. Please keep this show in your line-up?

  391. Please, please, please bring this show back. I love love love it!

  392. I just start watching it, and then it goes away? D:
    That ain’t right!

    My friend told me to watch an episode or two online, and I was hooked — and now I find out it’s gone? Bring it backkkkk.

  393. I’m not an avid TV watcher; however, this show made me take notice and I’ve seen all of the episodes so far. I would hate to see this go the way of other quality shows that were not give the chance that they deserved.

  394. I love this show!!!

  395. Please renew Miss/Guided! We need more smart, funny shows that don’t shove a laugh track down our throats. Judy Greer is wonderful, and the show is a lot of fun to watch (I especially enjoyed the dark humor of the fifth episode, “Pool Party”). The show deserves a spot on the schedule.

  396. This is such a great show! Give it more time!

  397. I love this show….so different & funny.

  398. Bring it back

  399. THIS SHOW IS VERY GOOD! Brings back troubling memories about high school (!!) but that’s the fun of looking back. This show should be here this Fall….Larry

  400. Please bring this back for the fall season. It is a great comedy.

  401. Great show! Keep it going!!!!

  402. Please return next season.

  403. Please bring MissGuided back! It is one of the funniest shows on tv. I have enjoyed it more than any other half hour sitcom that has been broadcast in years.

  404. Great teen comedy from the perspective of the teachers!

  405. Keep the show!

  406. Why would you cancel a show everyone can relate to? Those of us in our 30s who lived through it the first time and the kids who are going through it now! It’s good, CLEAN fun, that we really need on TV these days!!

  407. please renew MISS GUIDED. love Kris

  408. Please keep Miss Guided on the air. Parnell, as well as the rest of the cast, needs the work. Unoccupied underpasses and appliance boxes are becoming more difficult to find with our sad economic conditions. This is a great show.

  409. We love this show! It’s smart, funny, and we want to watch it every week forever!

  410. Please keep Miss Guided!

  411. Come on guys… think outside the box.
    Be crazy enough to let the show stay on long enough for people to find it!
    Remember a show called ” Seinfeld”?
    Wasn’t a ratings giant when it began, but I think it eventually did ok.
    I’m just saying………

  412. Please renew MISS GUIDED. Thank you!


  414. “Miss Guided” is one of only a handful of television comedies that I find myself looking forward to each week. It’s got a rare blend of intelligent scripting, likable characters and solid acting. Please renew it.

    — Forrest Hartman, Reno Gazette-Journal

  415. Damn you Sweeney.
    This show’s design would inevitably gain huge traction with proper marketing support and continued playout. Seriously.
    I also see it as a prime candidate for future syndication models- not just DVD but look at the Disney revenue design through online. This could play out for 4 seasons easy, and tertiary syndi rev is garbage compared to new online models…. Chang gets it, Scarpi gets it, why can’t you? Examine the writing, the demo appeal…. Seriously, this one should not be shelved.
    I say this as a Disney shareholder and a fan of the show. Talk to Bobby I- he gets it.

  416. Keep it going

  417. This show is AWESOME!!! Original, funny, great cast, Greer and Parnell are hillarious!! Could be the best high school comedy that’s been on since Freaks and Geeks. PLEASE RENEW!!!

  418. Original, and funny lets keep it on!!

  419. One of the best shows on the air! Keep it ON!

  420. Keep “Miss Guided” going! What will I do without Chris Parnell weekly?

  421. bring miss back…
    this show makes me happy….we need more happy on TV…please give it a chance!

  422. Please keep Miss Guided on the air! It’s a breath of fresh air and FUNNY!

  423. Please keep the show going! Chris Parnell is great!!!

  424. Please renew Miss Guided. What an awesome show! Chris Parnell is incredible-what a talented actor. ABC should be honored to have him.
    I hope to see this show back on the air. Thanks!

  425. Please keep Miss Guided on the air. It is wonderful seeing Chris Parnell again!

  426. KEep it on the air. Judy Greer deserves to be a star! Gorgeous!

  427. Don’t pull the plug! There’s still life!

  428. i don’t watch much tv—- just (2) shows—– if we can keep this on the air it will be (3)—- this is a really good show—- it is nice to see a show so well done— don’t leave room for more reality shows– they as old as the boy bands era—

    see you in the fall

  429. Please keep it! It is the best!

  430. Funny show man. Need to keep it going. Makes me feel good.

  431. This is a timely, funny,clever and entertaining comedy with values included and a cast that is fulsome, winsome and more endearing each show. Like a modern day Jane Austen with manners and foibles galore. Great entertainment-watching Chris read number out of phone book would be brilliant. Be smart keep it going!
    I am a senior citizen and don’t have time to waste on vapid entertainment.

  432. Judy Greer and Earl Billings are wonderful and we look forward to each episode! Please keep the show.

  433. If networks keep pulling shows off the air without giving them time to catch on, I’m not going to keep watching new shows. Let people have time to find great shows like Miss Guided. Give it a chance.

  434. Family Guy was canceled too, and see what a mistake that was. Please bring back Miss Guided.

  435. Great show. I love Chris Parnell. Keep it going!!!!!

  436. This really should stay around….ABC cannot cancel all the best shows (like Cashmere Mafia!) and expect to keep viewers! Bring it back!

  437. Miss Guided was…IS…a refreshing and inspiring show…

    and funny!

    Please don’t…dare I say it…


  438. The show is hilarious.
    We watched it as a family and can’t wait to see more of it!


  440. Keep Miss Guided

  441. Three weeks is not nearly enough for this wonderful show. Please bring it back this fall.

    Chris Parnell is tops.

  442. This show is better than most!. Keep it and give it a chance to percolate!

  443. Keep Miss Guided!!!

  444. we neeeeed MissGuided !!!

  445. This show is better than most. Bring it back and give it a chance to percolate withe audience!!

  446. Best new show on TV.

    Keep Miss Guided!

  447. This show is so sweet and funny, please keep it on for next season!!!!

  448. This is a great show. We need more of these type of sitcoms.

  449. Give Misguided a chance! Great cast and a fresh new comedy.

  450. Please renew!!!

  451. It’s about time we had an excellent and extremely funny show that the entire family loves. I have friends ranging from 8 to 80, and everyone loves the show. All the characters in it are perfectly cast. Thanks much ABC for bringing “Miss Guided” to us!

  452. please don’t cancel!!

  453. Thank you ABC for bringing back at least one excellent family-oriented show. Not only is it well
    written, but extremely well-cast, and well-loved by
    all of us who have seen it. BTW, I’ve seen all 7
    shows and loved ’em every one! Chris Parnell is
    perfect as the assistant principal!

  454. I think “Miss Guided” is a television oasis in the
    middle of a desert of misguided programming. I
    was always a big fan of Chris Parnell when he was on Saturday Night Live, and I congratulate you for using him in a role that he fits perfectly.

  455. LOVE IT!

  456. Give it a chance, please!!!!!!!!

  457. I thought the show was VERY funny and would love to see more episodes. Three weeks is not enough time to get viewers to catch on!

  458. This show is hilarious! Keep it!

  459. Please give this show a chance to find its audience. What a wonderful and refreshing show.The casting is brillant. Mr. Earl Billings is truly outstanding. The chemistry among the ensemble is exceptional.

  460. This show is a breath of fresh air. Well written, hilarious, beautifully cast and full of life. To not renew it would be truly unfortunate. Judy Greer is fantastic. Chris Parnell is a comic genius. Please keep it going.

  461. LOVE Miss Guided, don’t cancel!

  462. Fun, witty, and entertaining. Bring it back in the fall!

  463. This show is very funny. Bring it back for us!

  464. This is a great show, the characters are marvelous, and it deserves to renewed for another season so the audience can grow.
    More Miss Guided, more Chris P. Judy G. and Earl B!

  465. Keep the ball rolling.more Miss Guided, more Judy G., more Earl B. more Chris P.

  466. Miss Guided tickles the funny bone of many age groups, but appeals especially to those
    embroiled in the difficult task of teaching young minds to not take themselves too have some fun in life while becoming a responsible adult…who are bombarded daily with negatives about their
    Keep the humor flowing. We all need it badly.

  467. I would love to see more episodes.
    Bring it back

  468. Bring IT BACK!!!!

  469. Great show!!! Bring it back!!!

  470. i think that the show is great. it is funny and very cute. the cast was a great pick so please renew it for another season. i would like to see more episodes than just 7

  471. Clever and not self-conscious. Bring it back.

  472. Keep Misguided on the air. It’s clever and funny! Great casting

  473. Bring it back!! One of the best shows of the season!!!!

  474. Please bring this show back!!!

  475. PLEASE continue the show. It’s a refreshing program amongst a lot of nonsence.

  476. Please Bring it Back!!!!!!!!

  477. This show is one of the best in a long time! We need something to replace all of the garbage that is out there~ ABC Keep On Rockin’!

  478. Some of the best shows in Tv history took more than a season to find its audience. This will be one of them. Please don’t pull the plug precipitously. This is good TV.

  479. This show is excellent and funny. The whole family loves it. Please give it a chance! It’s so refreshing to actually be entertained by a good show. Judy Greer is funny and it’s worth keeping!

  480. Chris Parnell is the man! Leave him on the air!

  481. This is too cute to drop!!!! We love it!! It needs more time to make sure more people have a chance to watch. I’m sure it will wnd up being a big hit! ๐Ÿ™‚ This show is what we need more of.

  482. Hilarious send up of High School politics. It helps fill hole left by not enough good comedies on television. It is funny and different enough to stand out. Like Seinfeld and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, it just needs a little time to find it’s audience.

  483. We need more shows like Miss Guided. And since no show is more like Miss Guided than Miss Guided, we should start by keeping it on the air.

  484. I have enjoyed this show a lot. Please bring it back.

  485. This new show is finally a comedy that families can sit down and watch together. For several years now we have been bombarded with reality TV and the Family TV sitcom has taken a back seat. Anyone who has kids that are on the verge of puberty or that are going through puberty now have something they can watch with their parents. My kids love it, my husband and I love it. If you don’t renew this show you are making a serious mistake.

  486. One of the truly funny shows on network television right now. It would be a shame to see it go. . .

  487. keep the show. it is fantastic compared to 99% of what else is on.

  488. PLEASE keep this show going. Chris Parnell is the funniest guy on TV right now — don’t take him away from us!!!

  489. This is a wonderful show! KEEP IT!!!!!

  490. HEY!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I have no idea what “on the bubble” means but I do know that as a real live teacher from Memphis, I find the show super funny and perfectly cast!! I love Chris Parnell and and Judy Greer!! Please Please keep it on the air –there are not enough truly clever shows around!!!!

  491. abc would do this. the writers strike left us with crappy shows all year and now when a new, clever, and funny show is introduced they take it off the air. i think maybe i’ll stick to cnn.

  492. I love this show. Please bring it back in fall.

  493. I love this show — please, please, please bring it back!

  494. Please keep this show on the air! We need shows that REALLY make us laugh, not just try to make us laugh! Chris Parnell and Judy Greer are hilarious.

  495. This show is such a bright spot in a week filled with ‘reality’ television. Don’t we watch television to escape our own reality in a sense? Next year’s television schedule just would not be complete without Miss Guided in it. The entire cast is brilliant, not to mention the writers and all of the behind the scenes crew doing such an amazing job with the few episodes we have seen so far.

  496. This show is too good to die young!

  497. Keep it going, please!

  498. Don’t take away one of the best things tv has going these days – PLEASE bring Miss Guided back! It’s genius!

  499. Good writing, good performances… we NEED this kind of quality on the air!

  500. guidance counselors around the nation need this show

  501. Keep this show going!!!
    Here are two great reasons:

    1. Chris
    2. Parnell

  502. This is a wonderful comedy…..more of what TV needs to bring back. Good, clean fun. PLEASE bring the show back!

  503. This is the best show I have seen in a long time!!! Make sure you keep it on the air.

  504. Great TV!!! Please renew this show!!!!!

  505. It’s a really smart show

  506. Love this show. It’s just damn funny.

  507. Excellent show. My sons love it! Please renew.

  508. come on keep it on!

  509. it’s a terrific show, I’d like to see more

  510. ABC, you are really missing the mark if you do not give this show a chance to catch on. Truly I have not looked forward to a sitcom so much since “Friends”. It is very funny! Chris Parnell’s character is genious and Judy Greer is perfect!! Please renew. This is a very smart show that, I think, appeals to high schoolers now and back in my day(the 80’s)!!

  511. Please bring back this show! It is great!

  512. BRING IT BACK!!! This show is awesome! Judy Greer and the rest of the cast are fantastic! I so looked forward to watching this show the past few weeks… please don’t get rid of it so quickly!

  513. I love this show! It is clever and the cast is great! Bring it back!

  514. A wonderfully talented, funny cast! I completely loved every episode. Out of the chute Miss Guided has me waiting for more. To not give this show another go,
    would truly be a waste of a fantastic ensemble. Bring Back The Comedy!

  515. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SHOW!! Judy Greer and the rest of the cast are fantastic! I so looked forward to watching this show the past few weeks… it would be a shame not to see the relationships develop past this point! Miss Guided shows so much promise!! Please don’t end it now!!!

  516. So fresh and fun. Please continue!

  517. I love this show. keep it on!!

  518. We love the show and hope that you will continue to air it! More Miss Guided PLEASE!

  519. Bring back misguided!

  520. This is a fun show! Give it a chance!

  521. please renew the show!

  522. This show is refreshing and hysterical!!! I NEED MORE!!!

  523. Bring it back!

  524. bring it back!!! its a great show and needs more time!

  525. Definitely a hit in the making. Already catching on and just needs a little more time to be a big hit. Please bring it back for another season!

  526. Love the show. Please bring it back. My entire family loved it. Talked about it for days after. Please bring it back.

  527. Give this show the time it deserves to build a following–smart and funny, a refreshing relief from the many crime-show clones that clog broadcast TV.

  528. This show is exactly what TV needs to keep the single camera sitcom alive! This show is in the vein of THE OFFICE and SCRUBS and those are top notch. Keep it on for a second season.

  529. Best comedy on television in a lonnnng time. Please keep it on the air!

  530. Please bring the show back! It’s awesome and deserves a chance to grow into what it can and will be!

  531. Loved the show. I am an Earl Billings fan !

  532. In a disappointing television season this is the one show that stood out! Please bring it back!!!

  533. Save this show!

  534. Bring back Miss Guided!!

  535. please keep this show!

  536. Such a great cast!

  537. I love this show. It’s my pick me up when I’m having a bad day

  538. the two I saw were very entertaining
    and funny.

  539. Well written; well acted. Shows like Miss Guided should be given the chance for success they deserve. Please bring it back for a full season!

  540. First sitcom in a few years that we’ve liked. Hope it continues…otherwise, back to renting DVD’s from Blockbuster.

  541. In this age where scripted shows are dying out like the dinosaurs, can you at least leave us with an extremely well-acted, well-written, well-directed and, well—everything this show has to offer? Please? Pretty please with whip cream. sprinkles, chocolate, a cherry, and a giant marshmallow Mickey Mouse on top?!?

  542. I can’t take any more reality TV. Please keep a well written, funny show with actual characters…please??!!

  543. Bring back Miss Guided!

  544. Great idea for a show. Unlike anything on tv… so creative. great writing. great acting. likable characters. this is just the beginning. it needs more time to catch on.

  545. Please keep it on the air! It’s great to have something besides violence, PLUS the benefit of soft good lessons through “Miss Guided.” I also love the the fact that the ‘pretty and popular’ girl isn’t the hero! I think it’s a great message for our young women today. Love the vice principal character.

  546. Wasn’t sure at first but after watching the 1st episode I was totally hooked. You really must consider keeping this show on the air — for seasons to come. It is humorous but carries a message and the characters are fantastic!

  547. i love the show! please bring it back!!

  548. Great show…don’t let it go!

  549. keep it on!

  550. keep it on! Its a great show.

  551. bring it back!

  552. let it ride

  553. Please bring back Miss Guided! It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a show as much as I enjoyed Miss Guided – it’s absolutely my favorite of the new shows and I’ve turned everyone I know onto watching it!

  554. Chris Parnell is a wonderful talent that deserves on be on the air. He is a master at his craft and a graduate of one of the best Fine Arts programs in in America.

  555. Who killed all the fun shows on TV? You did if you don’t sign this petition. MissGuided is well written and a joy to watch. Let’s give this show another shot.

  556. Another season PLEASE!! This show is just too funny!!

  557. Please save this so, I love it sooooooo much!!!!

  558. This is one of my favorite shows of all time. Please, oh, please, ABC, bring it back. I have never written in support of a show before but I feel more strongly about this one than almost any other in my lifetime. It needs a good chance in a real season (one not plagued by the writers’ strike) in which it gets a full run of shows. It is so well written and funny and Judy Greer and Kris Polaha are so adorable and Brooke Burns, Chris Parnell, and Earl Billings are so hilarious. Like an earlier commenter, I’ve told everyone I know about this show. I mean “Lost” is great and all but even though that is one of my all time favorites, I have a much stronger emotional attachment to “Miss Guided.” It may be a cliche to say so, but it’s a show with real heart and I’m rooting for it like I’ve never rooted for a show before. It just HAS to come back!

  559. Let’s have another season!

  560. Miss Guided has not been given the chance it deserves. Judy Greer is an awesome actress in everything she does. Miss Guided is no exception. Please keep this show on the air.

  561. Please keep this show on the air. It is hilarious!

  562. Bring back Miss Guided!!!! Keep the show on the air!!! Let it have another season, it deserves the chance!!!!

  563. bring it back, these lovely people deserve to be seen!

  564. This show is hilarious, and it all starts with the lovable characters. America needs more of them!

  565. This show is absolutely amazing….. everyone i know watches it and really likes it also!! So i would say bring it back for sure!

  566. I agree with everyone…. Miss Guided must come back

  567. Some shows are worth keeping. MISGUIDED IS WORTH KEEPING! HOLD ON TO YOUR FOLLOWING!


  569. It would be a shame for everyone to not have this show. Please spoil us by showing us more episodes.

  570. This is an amazing show. I love watching it with the women in my family. Please keep it going on for seasons and seasons.

  571. This is such a wonderful show. I’m dying to see what happens next.

  572. I’m quite sure “Miss Guided” will bring fortune to abc if given enough time to capture more audience and grow a “buzz”, thus generating more advertising dollars. I think that a comedy of errors is always welcome entertainment. I remember that a show on another network almost got canceled but became one of the most watched television comedies of all time. Let’s see it began with the letter S..

  573. Miss Guided deserves a fair shot.

  574. I say go for it! Keep it going!

  575. Please keep it on!

  576. Please bring back MissGuided! Wonderful show and Judy Greer is fabulous and endearing!

  577. Funny show! Don’t cancel!

  578. This is a woderfulshow-better than most. Give it a chance to “percolate!”

  579. This show is AMAZING! It must live on!

  580. Think twice before cancelling this gem…

  581. The show is a great show. Please do not cancel the show!!!

  582. Please don’t cancel this show.

  583. Great show, love Earl Billings he is amazing!!!

  584. keep it on…great show!

  585. oh, and Kristoffer’s comic timing is fantastico!

  586. Please keep this show on! There are very few sweet, funny and good shows on T.V. and that Tim O’Malley is adorable and so talented!

  587. we love the show, keep it comin’!!

  588. Everyone needs shows like this one. Bring it back!

  589. Please keep the show on!

  590. Please don’t take the funniest, freshest new show off. Give it a chance! I love it!

  591. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!

  592. Out of all the “sitcoms” on ABC…this was the only one ever worth watching…

  593. The show is cute and entertaining. Keep it in your line up for next season. It is a nice change from all the mindless reality shows.

  594. The show is like TV used to be, keep it going!

  595. The Wife and I love this show…lets keep it

  596. Please keep the show. Love the writing and Kris Polaha is a cutie. I can so relate to Judy Greer’s character.


  597. I love the show! Please please bring it back ABC!

  598. Give this show a chance…with so few truly clever shows on the air it deserves a spot in the fall lineup.

  599. Bring it back, I think it was good and it has a lot of potential. I think the kids could hook into it like we did Welcome Back Kotter. Give it a chance.

  600. give this show a chance! Its great

  601. I really liked this show and was disappointed when I discovered that the “Frenemies” episode was the last one. PLEASE bring it back! I want to know what happens between Becky and Tim.

  602. Please bring back Miss Guided, ABC! I love a good laugh and this show is so funny. Please keep it going!

  603. this show is funny!

  604. Bring the show back!

  605. love it!

  606. Please save a Great Show!

  607. Please renew this show. It’s great!

  608. Miss Guided is an oasis in the desert of television.
    More Chris Parnell is always better.

  609. Watched them all ..loved them..renew this great show.

  610. This show is AMAZING! I need it to have another season!

  611. Give it a chance!

  612. I’ve watched and re-watched all of the episodes thus far, and am anxiously waiting for you guys to get back to work on new episodes so I’ll have another reason to tune into ABC this fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  613. great show I am so sad that its over, please renew!

  614. Miss Guided is a very enjoyable series. The somewhat quirky, yet familiar characters are quite funny. This show certainly deserves the chance to be found by the rest of itโ€™s audience. I hope you will give it the chance.

  615. Finally, a show that has a little bit of everything for all ages. Do you really know what a hit is? This is the one. Laughter is healthy and my family cannot wait to find out what happens next. Will Shoemaker get his job back? Will Tim have a romantic encounter soon with Rebecca. Really all of the cast on this show are great. Please keep the show going, it is refreshing and wonderfully funny.

  616. Please give this show a chance. It has it’s own quirky flavor, and there’s nothing like it on TV. The writing is funny and heartful, and Judy represents every one of us who felt like a misfit in high school. Give it a chance to grow an audience.

  617. i agree, i just watched it on your online site, can’t wait to see the love triangle pan out!

  618. I really enjoyed this show and hope that it will be back in the fall. I hadn’t seen any of the commercials for it, but when I happened upon Miss Guided, I loved it. I had my husband watch and we were both hooked and tuned in the next week. When we looked for it this past week, we were surprised and sad that it had ended so soon. When I went to find more information on the I.M.D.B., it led me to this site. We’d love to see more of this quality programming. We love Miss/Guided!

    Thank you, Eunice Gethin, Amherst, OH

  619. This show was amazing!!!!
    Please bring it back for more seasons!

  620. i love this show! please give it another chance! in every episode there were laugh-out-loud moments, and moments where you get tears in your eyes. i was sad to see it end after just 7 episodes and i am on the edge of my seat to see what happens with the becky/tim/lisa storyline. please consider all of these pleas for the saving of such a great show. thanks!

  621. keep it on the air its a good show. i watched all the episodes in two days..

  622. please keep judy greer on my tv.

  623. I absolutely love Miss Guided. It’s hard to find shows that actually make you laugh out loud.


  625. Holland has a unique and interesting impact on a ‘feel good’ show!

  626. Keep the show on the air it is hillarious

  627. I love this show! It is so funny and I would hate to see it go! Please keep it on the air!

  628. Tims is the best. I love his free spirit and innocence. I would love my future son to be like him. Renew the show so I can see how he may turn out!!!

  629. For all of us that remember the trauma of high school and wish it could’ve been as funny as “Miss Guided”, PLEASE keep this show on the air!!!!

  630. lovely refreshing show. was looking forward to seeing much more episodes. didn’t know it was canceled. plesae bring it back

  631. Thought it was hillarious. Please bring it back.

  632. please keep misguided on the air the characters are entertaining and hilarious, thank you for introducing this show we would like to see more!

  633. what a great show! please bring it back

  634. Great show. Please bring it back.

  635. Please bring it back! I am going through withdrawal all ready because it wasn’t on this week! It is so funny!! We need it.

  636. I LOVE THE SHOW! Bring it back!

  637. Please renew this show!

  638. This has been a wonderfully entertaining series without resorting to filth and obscenity. As retired teachers, my wife and I have met these characters over the years. Please bring it back.

  639. this show is smart and funny. please don’t cut it before it’s had time to realize it’s potential. it happens all too often to really fantastic shows. Miss Guided has a wonderful cast and hysterical writing. Bring it back!!

  640. You will be doing yourself a favor by keeping this show. If you give it a chance, it WILL develop an audience.

  641. This show is great. Give it a chance to grow and gain the audience it deserves.

  642. I’m hoping that you’re only getting ready for the big
    fall up-start w/Miss Guided.I know of many that are
    anxiously awaiting her return.DON’T LET US DOWN !

  643. I never usually do these things, but WOW, this show really makes me “feel good”.

    Bring it back for sure!!!!
    Good luck!

  644. Its a great show. Seven Episodes is just way to short. I know you will be rewarded if you give it a chance. It is smartly done and funny. Much better than anything else out there.

  645. I heart this show! We have to bring it back…

  646. My life is without meaning since this show was taken off the air… : (

  647. it is a terrifically witty and funny show!! give it a chance, dont cancel it like all those other great short-lived abc comedies!

  648. i love the show. please keep it on the air.

  649. Our daughter, my husband and myself loved every episode of Misguided. It’s refreshing and funny and I give it two thumbs up for more .
    We want more Misguided, please.

  650. Miss Guided was an extremely funny show, and I enjoyed every episode. Please make a second season!!!

  651. Bring Misguided back. Television needs Judy Greer

  652. It’s a clever show which tackles everyday topics from both the adult and teen perspective. This is a show that needs a little more time to catch fire. It should definitely stay on the air.

  653. Cancel it

  654. Three episodes is not enough to show how well a show can do. You need to give it a far chance. Come on ABC!!

  655. I was wondering why it wasn’t on this past week. I loved the show and all the characters. You can’t cancel it ABC!! Bring it back, please!!!

  656. It’s been so long since such a light and fun comedy has graced our televisions. PLEASE do not take this away from us! I think this show would be great paired back-to-back with Samantha Who?


  658. ABC, maybe if you backed this show have much as you eli stone, the quirky show with the solid cast, perfect tone, a lot of room for growth might stand a chance in this greedy little world. (I think this show would be great paired back-to-back with Samantha Who?) I totally agreed, jenny.

  659. Please renew this brilliant comedy. It deserves to be seen by more people!!!

  660. Miss Guided was a great show. It needs to come back, think of how some of the great shows started and were they ended up; Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Star Trek, I Love Lucy and many more all started slow (probabley not as good as Miss Guided) and they steped down on the top as great shows we all loved and still remember. Bring Miss Guided back, you owe it to the little guy and his family.

  661. Please, make another season of the most funny shows on tv…

  662. Miss Guided is a show that ABC should definitely return in the fall!

  663. I love the writing on this show! Yay!

  664. Please give the show a chance.

  665. It’s my life all over again!

  666. Miss Guided is a very funny show that ABC should definitely return in the fall!

  667. Please bring it back!!! It Rocks!!!

  668. Don’t do it ABC… DON’T…

  669. I been watching the show and I loved it was funny I did’nt understand why it was not on , on thursday but now I do …bring it back please it’s a great show

  670. Please don’t cancel it – I thought it was one of the funniest, wittiest shows I’ve seen in a long while. yes, it is a bit bumpy at times, but all shows are a bit bumpy when they start. Please give this one a chance!

  671. Bring it back!. seriously, It’s the greatest show I’ve seen in a while.

  672. bring it back……

  673. love it. please bring it back!

  674. Such a great show – bring it back!!!

  675. …bring it back…

  676. Loved it! I want it to continue!

  677. Don’t be dumb! Bring it back!

  678. I love this show. It is one of the few that my Mom will let me watch with her because it is clean and wholesome. Chris Parnell is funny and very cute too! Please bring it back! I want to see more of it.

  679. Please renew Miss Guided

  680. Miss Guided is an incredibly funny and smart show. Please bring the funny back to ABC!

  681. Great show, please bring it back in the fall.

  682. Very cutting edge. Insane!!!!

  683. Miss Guided is a great show – refreshing, funny, and the casting is incredible. Please, ABC, we need more lighthearted shows and less Reality TV!

  684. Bring it back!!

  685. Wonderful…bring it back!

  686. I love it! As a teacher, I relate and laugh. Please keep Miss Guided on!


  688. Keep Miss Guided Please!

  689. Don’t be a “Miss Guided” executive – keep this show on air for at least an entire year. It is very good, and like Seinfeld it needs time for it to build to a huge following. Please keep it on air!!!!!


  691. the show’s quirky and cute and fits perfectly.

  692. i love love love this show please renew casue i love love love love it sooooo much. the best thing about the show is that is totally unpredictable! it’s a perfect show for me and i would really be thankful if you left it on air.

  693. This is one of the few sitcoms that I watch. Please bring it back.

  694. Please keep this show running. Such creative and refreshing television deserves the right to gain a loyal audience. Good things come to those who wait!!

  695. Miss Guided must stay on for guidance counselors everywhere!! We are the foundation of our school and it’s about time someone told our story!! Love Miss Guided!

  696. Really good show, you need to keep it on the air.

  697. I have really enjoyed this show. I hope it comes back for a second season!

  698. Please renew the show – it is great!

  699. Miss Guided totally rocks. You would be misguided not to renew it…

  700. My wife is a teacher and she loves this show. I watch it with her to get a good laugh but more importantly to enjoy seeing her laugh. Life is stressful. We need a great comedy like Miss Guided to allow us to forget our worries and just laugh at life.

  701. My coworkers and I think Miss Guided is hilarious. Being teachers ourselves, we know the day in day out stresses and how humor and our love for kids gets us through the day. Great show! Kristopher Polaha is a cutie! Way to go Ashley Kutcher. The world needs innocent laughter!

  702. AS a teacher it add humor to my day. It must stay!! Chris Parnell is great, keep it going.

  703. I Looooovvvvee this show! You can not do away with it!

  704. Cute show – great casting. ABC – keep it on!!!

  705. Darling show–very refreshing! Keep it on.

  706. This show is so cute, with stuff we can all relate to! I got a kick out of it and it deserves to stay on!

  707. More “Miss Guided”, please!

  708. I love this show! I look forward to watching it every week! Give me more.

  709. Miss Guided is the Absolute Best Show on TV. Its funny and can keep you watchign it. It deserves more episodes.

  710. Renew it!

  711. miss guided is the most clever and fresh sitcom since like, ever.

  712. So many crappy shows are getting renewed, why not a good one?

  713. Great show..!!! Why do they always want to take away the best shows….

  714. Bring back this show! It’s hilarious. I watched every episode like twice on the same day.

  715. Don’t be misguided. Keep it on the air!

  716. This is one of the shows that my sister and I find completely hilarious. It’s right up there with 30 rock. I would hate for it to be over all ready.


  718. Please don’t let this one go so soon! We love Tim and think this show is fantastic!

  719. I LOVE this show! I haven’t found a comedy that I really enjoy since Friends! Don’t take it off the air!

  720. I would rather watch Miss Guided then CSI and House, which are my favourite shows. Please please PLEASE bring back Miss Guided, it was so hilarious and I so looked forward to buying the season 1 box set >_< Please come back, Miss Guided!!

  721. We don’t have enough good comedies anymore! We need more episodes!

  722. As a high schooler myself, I love this show!! Its funny and makes me think about what happens “behind the scenes” at my school! I get tired of these dumb dramas like Lost and CSI so please give us more comedies like Miss Gudided and BRING IT BACK for anther season!

  723. It is a brilliant show with a wonderful cast and great writers. Please bring it back!

  724. Save this show!!!!!!!!

  725. Ms. Guided is an amazing show! It is actually one of the few shows that make you laugh out loud. Save Ms. Guided! It’s one of the best shows out there!

  726. This show is the best!! Please renew it.

  727. It was great bring it back!

  728. Fun show are hard to find. Please bring this one back. The cast, especially Chris Parnell, was great. Please renew it!

  729. Bring it back ๐Ÿ™‚

  730. Please bring it back. We want to see more of this great cast!

  731. We love the show! The characters are great and the show is so entertaining! Chris Parnell is the perfect Vice-Principal! Judy Greer is fantastic!

  732. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s got a following.
    Why mess with success?

  733. please bring the show back for another season!

  734. This is one of the rare show that I actually look forward to watching each week. Too bad the season was so short. Please bring back the show for another longer season!

  735. This is one of the funniest shows on ABC! It would be a travesty not to bring it back!

  736. I only got to see two episodes. I want to see more, it was very funny. Bring Miss Guided Back!!!!

  737. Miss guided has to be the funniest show to ever air on ABC please bring it back.

  738. Please bring back Miss Guided! It is a wonderful comedy!

  739. Bring MissGuided Back!!! Funny show we really enjoyed.

  740. Love the show!

  741. My family enjoyed Miss Guided immensely. It is worthy of another season! Please give great consideration to renewing it!

  742. Please bring it back! So funny!!!

  743. This show is awesome and did not get nearly enough time! Don’t take away such a great show that was just given to us!

  744. I love this show and can’t believe you canceled it! Please bring it back!

  745. Please bring back Miss Guided. I loved the show!

  746. funny show! endearing!
    my dad, who has been a highschool teacher for 35 years loves this show as well! keep it on!

  747. This is a great show with mass appeal to young and old alike. Judy Greer is a comic genius and deserves better than 3 weeks.

  748. I can check out a library book for longer than you gave this show!! Give it a chance!!

  749. One of the few family comedies in recent years that the whole family really can watch and enjoy. My mom calls it “refreshing”.

  750. It’s a great show! Please bring it back!

  751. The characters were so fresh and funny!!!! We have to see more.

    Please bring Miss Guided back and give it more time. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s seen the show loves it!!!!!

  752. I’ve known director Todd Holland for years and respect his creative abilities so much. Have followed his career & shows and KNOW that this is a great show. They deserve another opportunity !!!

  753. Please keep it on! I love it!!!!!!

  754. This is an amazing show!! Bring back more…

  755. Bring the show back . . .

  756. Don’t let us down just when we’re getting hooked!!! Save Miss Guided!!

  757. We needs more smart AND funny television. It’s not often that I look forward to something on TV. I’m tired of realitytv and the people who are on it. Miss Guided is something special… Please bring it back.

  758. Love the show, please bring it back!

  759. i loved miss guided! please bring it back!

  760. It’s been a long time since there has been a show with such great chemistry between the actors. They are all so talented and funny. We love it! We know you will do the right thing and bring it back. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!r

  761. I loved the show! My family loved the show! My co-workers loved the show! PLEASE bring it back!

  762. What a fun show to watch. Very entertaining, we need more like Misguided. Please keep it going. thanks

  763. Miss Guided was fun and refreshing…not the same cookie-cutter sitcoms that are mindless and over-the-top with sexual content. I hope it comes back!

  764. This is a great/funny show, keep it going!

  765. It’s such a charming show. Please don’t cancel it.

  766. Miss Guided is a fuuunnnnyyyyy show!!!!!! Please give it a chance and don’t let me hanging out there with no show to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  767. Please keep Miss Guided, it is about time we got more funny shows and less crime drama junk. As an educator this is funny in so many way to me and I would love to see it come back.

  768. Finally! A refreshing and clever comedy! The actors are wonderful and Kristopher Polaha is adorable. Please keep this show on, we are tired of unreal reality shows.

  769. Great show–please bring it back! Refreshing and necessary break from all the cop shows and whatnot out there!

  770. Great show – great actors – gets better each time – imagine how good it will be if it continues!

  771. MissGuided rocks!!! Please don’t make Reality TV or another stupid CSI/Law & Order type program the only choices I have to watch on TV!!!! I need comedy in my life and this program is just the fix.

  772. great show… please bring it back!

  773. This is one of the freshest shows on TV. Please RENEW.

  774. It was refreshing to see a real comedy back on TV and not a stupid reality show. I hope Miss Guided is given another shot to shine and teach everyone that good shows just need a chance to be seen. Hope it comes back on in fall, we need it.

  775. great cast and fun show, want to see more!!!!

  776. This show is hilarious! It’s smart, sexy yet classy, but most importantly sweet and OTIMISTIC. Not only does network TV need a show like this to avoid it’s impending doom, but look at Seinfeld. One of the biggest shows in history, and it needed a year to get off the ground.

  777. Please say you’re not going to cancel Missguided! It’s one of the best new shows to appear in a ages. . my husband, myself and my 16 year old son all adore this show. It’s one of the few that we can all relate to and all find teriffic for different reasons. It’s charming, funny, and sincere and one of the few shows of its kind. It’s incredibly smart and well-written and the actors are all perfect for their roles. Please don’t let it go by the wayside. . .it has many more years of laughter to give. . .

  778. Entertaining & fun! Would continue to watch. I know it takes magic to produce a successful sitcom and this one has a touch of it. Give it another season.

  779. It would be a mistake to let this go.

  780. C’mon ABC, Sack Up! Once in awhile a show comes along that you just have to say, “This is too darn good a show to let it come to an end.” This is one of those shows. The cast is great, writing is crisp and refreshing, and I just plain like it. Plus the fact that someone with true genius decided to kill any notion of a laugh track on this funny, fun to watch television show. Don’t be a bunch of weenies. Keep it!

  781. This show rocked! I talked to a lot of people who were fired up to continue to watch the show and were appalled when they found out that it might not be picked up again.
    Let it run!

    Season 2! Season 2! Season 2!

  782. Three weeks is NOT enough time to develop a following to a show. Take some of that “reality” crap off the air to make room for shows like Miss Guided that require creativity and talent.

  783. Please DO NOT get rid of yet another smart and funny show. RENEW MISS GUIDED! You’ll do a good Mitzvah for the cast and crew!

  784. Our family loved sitting down and watching the cast! What a smart and whitty show!!

  785. please keep it going.

  786. Please renew Miss Guided. It is a clean, funny, well-written show. There are not many shows with this quality of writers and actors.

  787. I โค Miss Guided, please give it another season. Most of the classic shows took two or even three seasons before finding an audience.

  788. Great show….keep it in the lineup,.. please… I can’t stomach the thought of another reality show that might take it’s place. It’s good entertainment and it’s fun….keep it in front please.

  789. Don’t let another good show be “put down”. Give it more time to catch on! BRING IT BACK!!!

  790. Great show – so funny!

  791. Please bring back the show…it is good. AndI want to know what happends with Tim and Becky.

  792. Love…..Missguided. Finally a great comedy with teens too! Bring it back! This show rocks..

  793. love this show!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THE SHOW

  794. this is seriously one of the best shows i’ve seen in a long time. and i see some of myself in becky, so i need it back, PLEASE!

  795. me and my 6 roommates (all seniors in college) LOVE this show… takes us back to the good ole high school days, which are some of the funniest, and ironicly similar situations seen in the show. KEEP IT ON THE AIR!!!


  797. Save “Miss Guided.” This great, creative show deserves another chance!!

  798. I adore it!

  799. Very unique!

  800. So great to see a comedy that is FUNNY! and not all about sex! The cast is REALLY GOOD and the writers have expertly tapped into an never-ending story line–high school! It’s rare to find a show like this anymore. ABC, don’t miss the chance to bring “Miss Guided” back!

  801. Would love to be able to see this show in Fall!

  802. This show is fresh, bright, lighthearted and funny and you can watch it with your own kids…… there is not too many shows on the networks that offer that combination…please renew it!!

  803. You need to bring back MissGuided! I loved its quirckiness you don’t see that a lot in tv series now. I think its great and I enjoyed every episode. As Tim O’Malley would say Muy Bien TV Show:)

  804. We watch Miss Guided as a family and we laugh a lot together and have good talks afterwards. My children are just entering high school.

  805. Please keep this show!!!!

  806. Please bring Miss Guided back! It is definitely a show we would look forward to seeing each week!

  807. Please bring back Miss Guided. My husband and I are senior citizens and we just loved the show. Everyone can watch this show,young and old. The cast is wonderful,especilly Chris Parnell. Bring it back so us senior citizens will have a good clean show to watch!!!!

  808. first series in a while that showed real potential.

  809. Great Show…Hilarious…Keep it!

  810. Please keep it.

  811. I simply enjoyed! the show … I totally identify with Becky … And the principal’s dry humor is uncannily hilarious! … I look forward to more shows … Pleeeeaze bring Miss Guided back … RENEW! RENEW! RENEW!

  812. please keep, if not for me, then for the kids.

  813. Loved the show.
    Would definately watch regularly.

  814. I’m a school counselor and loved the show! MORE, please. dd

  815. Clever, well-acted comedy – particularly enjoy Chris Parnell and Judy Greer. Viewers appreciate and deserve this very funny show. Look forward to more episodes with these endearing characters.

  816. I love the show. I am not aways a huge fan of sitcoms, but this one is worth watching! When I miss it on television, I always make sure to catch it on I look forward to another season of this great show, so please don’t disappoint.

  817. I’ve watched every episode online through and by doing so, I watched a lot of ads too…

    I’d feel ripped off if this show got canceled… please don’t cancel it. I’ll even watch more ads.

  818. I love this show. It is hilarious! Please bring it back so I have a reason to be excited to watch tv.

  819. Nice show !!!! We need more shows as good as this one……

  820. Misguided is an abslutely wonderful show. Someting that all ages can watch and get real enjoyment from. LOL the whole show. Please put it on the regular fall schedule. You can be sure that I will be watching. Love that principal — so funny!!!

  821. I LOVE this show please do not cancel it! As a teacher myself, I laugh until I almost cry during every episode. This one is a keeper for a change!


  823. This show was awesome! Laugh out loud funny and I am happy Judy Greer finally had a prime spot!

  824. great show, bring it back!

  825. Please keep this gem on!!!

  826. With all the misguided news being aired,
    Miss Guided is a breath of fresh air.

  827. Great show! You HAVE to keep this show on, the actors are spot on, just hilarious. Thanks for the laughs – keep em coming.

  828. Please keep the show. It’s really funny !!!

  829. the show is funny. and judy greer finally got a starring role. bring it back

  830. Keep MISS GUIDED on air.

  831. hello, judy greer is awesome! keep keep!

  832. Miss Guided is a great series – please don’t abandon it… it has me hooked!

  833. I would love to see more of this show!! Its great and I would hate to see it go!!!

  834. Please, Please keep this show….It’s awesome! We love Tim!

  835. Great humor. Just getting into characters and show ended. Please keep it on the air.

  836. Three weeks is not enough time. That is NOT fair when they don’t even give a show a chance. I hope they renew it for the Fall season!

  837. Miss Guided is a terrific show that my entire family loves to watch. We would be sad to see it go. Please renew.

  838. Miis Guided is freaking hilarious!!! It has to come back on!

  839. I really like this show. Its quirky style, farcical situations, and Judy Greer’s adorable portrayal of Becky Freely make it a perfect companion to “Samantha Who.” ABC should try re-running the episodes with “Samantha Who” as a lead-in instead of burning them off two at a time like some sort of Thursday throw-away.

  840. GREAT show!! New season please. And with more than just 7 episodes!!

  841. What ‘s the problem. You can’t produce but seven good episodes? The critics said the same thing about The Simpsons and my children and I are still watching it today. Get some balls! This is great material!!!-JUST DO IT.

  842. Please bring it back. I LOVE IT.

  843. loved the show, more, more!!

  844. it the best show out there so please keep it on .

  845. Oh, please keep Miss Guided on the air. I am a teacher and I love it! I laugh out loud at it, and am sad it had such a short run this time…I would have liked to have watched it all summer!

  846. ABC… this is a great show. Keep it around and you will not be disappointed. Give it the opportunity to succeed.

  847. Please, please, please keep Miss Guided in your lineup! It is a wonderful show and is hilarious. I was sad to turn my TV on at 8pm last Thursday to find it wasn’t on!

  848. I haven’t laugh this much watching tv in a long time. I hope that you bring it back it would be a shame to give up on it so soon.

  849. Please keep Miss Guided on. I think it will do great once it’s on longer.

  850. I don’t want this back for just one more season. I want ‘Miss Guided’ on the air for years and years. I love this show and totally connect to these characters.

  851. Don’t be misguided! The show is on its way to success.

  852. JUDY GREER IS GOLDEN!!! It’s about time she has her own show! I have been tracking her for a long time. She is a talented, grounded actress- who is real and we love to watch her. PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK!

  853. More Judy Greer!!!!!


  855. I went to school with Kris Polaha..what a great show…so funny, enjoyable..bring it back Pul-ease!!!

  856. I Love this Show!!!! Chris Parnell is hilarious, Judy Greer is delightful. The show is witty and clever please bring it back!

  857. Please bring back the show. It is hilarious!

  858. Keep Miss Guided on the air!!! It’s hilarious and about school, and I’m a teacher and I need some comedy outlet!!

    Plus, Judy Greer rocks!!!

  859. Miss Guided is one of the smartest shows to hit the tube in a long time. Keep it on air, please. We don’t need another empty time slot that’ll just be filled by another empty reality show.

  860. Please bring back Miss Guided. Don’t make this a missed opportunity like with My So Called Life.

  861. Very clever and entertaining show … much better than a lot of the stuff that’s out there. The show needs more time to make its mark.

  862. Please let the show go on! I love Kris Polaha! great comedic timing!

  863. Keep the show on the air. Chris Parnell ROCKS!

  864. This show is great. Please keep it on the air!!!

  865. Great Show!!

  866. SAVE THIS SHOW!!! We want our Judy Greer & we want her on MISS GUIDED!

    The show is too good, & JG is too awesome & funny give up on.

    Hear the fans. SAVE THIS SHOW.

  867. Save this show!

  868. You underestimate your show by giving it only 3 weeks to attain high ratings. There are a lot of shows out there for viewers to wade through – allow this one the time to gain some legs!

  869. Please keep Miss Guided on the air. I love the show, but there wasn’t enough advertising for it. A lot of people don’t know when the show is on.

  870. Which TV show deserves another season? This one!

  871. Oh, please, please give it a chance!!!!!!!!! Don’t drop the ball on this one…Judy and cast are truly delightful and fun to watch…

  872. Plese bring back the show. It is a refreshing concept. Witty and an absolute delight to watch.

  873. You have to bring this back! im a guy and i love this show. Greer rocks all. she deserves a great sitcom and these are tons of responses. This show will get huge numbers in the right time slot. take a chance on this one ABC you’re smart, go for it.

  874. I’ve been a big fan of Judy Greer’s for such a long time. It’s just not right to take her and this show off the air after only 3 weeks. Remember, even Cheers needed time to catch on…

  875. I think this show is refreshing……there is too
    many sitcoms that base the entire show on having sex with someone; this show at least gives
    good clean humor……

  876. Awesome show…please bring it back : )

  877. everyshow with great writing and talent deserves more than 3 weeks to prove itself to a larger audience

  878. I love this show. I don’t watch much TV, but this is one of the few shows that I made sure to watch every episode of. I feel that with a little more advertising, it would be a huge success. Please bring it back!

  879. I really got into this show, and am so sad to hear that it is on a the chopping block… I really related to the “Becky Freeley” character in so many ways, it really needs to be brought back, it way a real joy to watch!

  880. This show is hilarious and it deserves a fair chance! Give it more time!!

  881. This is a show with great heart! Bring it back!

  882. Please bring this show BACK!!

  883. We need more of this on TV.


    please =)

  885. It would be a huge “Miss Take” to not bring back Miss Guided for a 2nd season!!!

  886. Save the show!!!!

  887. Please bring it back for a 2nd season!

  888. miss guided is a cracking comedy.

    more attention needs to be paid to the core group of characters and the dynamic between them, and if kutcher believes in it enough to be exec, beaux should be recurring.

    the members of the core group should break the fourth wall an equal amount.

  889. more miss guided please!! one of the funnier and decent shows on television right now! i’ve been watching them on the abc episode player and i can’t get enough! let’s do this.

  890. Miss Guided is the best new show on ABC. Please bring her back ASAP!!!

  891. I’ve gotten friends to watch it on and they’re hooked! We love the cast! More episodes, please – this is something we’d all watch.

  892. This is a great, lighthearted show. Please renew it.

  893. You have to renew it; you can’t just jettison all the episodes with little fanfare and then pretend it flopped. It’s well written, has a GREAT cast, and is better than 90% of the crap on TV.

  894. Please keep this show going. We need more shows like this to fill the TV void.


  896. Bring the show back! Sooo funny and charming.

  897. Even my husband asked me if we could watch more of this show, and he’s notoriously critical. We love it!

  898. nice show ABC. i hope you take good care with it, it has potential!

  899. I really liked this show! Please bring it back!!

  900. Please bring MissGuided back! It is a great show and already has a following!

  901. This show makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it! Judy Greer CRACKS ME UP! Please bring “Miss Guided” back in the fall!

  902. I was hooked on the first episode. I love this show. Bring it back PLEASE!!!!!! Infact, don’t even wait until the Fall. I will not last that long without it. That is like a drug that I became addicted to with the first episode. Bring it Back please!

  903. I am 25 years old and I love Miss Guided. Every Thursday I used to watch My Name is Earl but after discovering Miss Guided me and my husband made the switch. I love the show please bring it back. Give it more time

  904. i lookforward to this fabulous show.please bring it back!!

  905. Great writing…the amazingly talented Judy Greer…and some seriously boneheaded scheduling so far. Give us a proper season in a consistent time slot and let the people decide!

  906. Bring it back for the people!


  908. The show is absolutely a gem…it may not pull in the viewers but the ones it pulls in are devoted. GIVE IT A SHOT!!!

  909. Please renew the show. I was just getting into it. It’s really funny !! I like it a lot. Had me laughing !!!!

  910. Love this show. Bring it back!

  911. This show is hilarious and can not be taken away so soon ! It is too popular!

  912. Please bring back Miss Guided. It’s such a fun show. We laughed out loud with every episode.

  913. Please bring Miss Guided back! You’re so lucky to have Judy Greer on your network; treat her right!

  914. This is my favorite show of the entire season. If you work with children you can most certainly relate. Bring it back please!

  915. Love the show, and have several friends who also do! Please please please bring it back for the fall!

  916. Please keep this show ABC needs it!

  917. I LOVE Miss/Guided! ABC, please keep this show! It is hilarious and needs a second season! ๐Ÿ™‚

  918. The beginning of Spring after a writer’s strike when people aren’t used to watching TV might not be the best time to air a new show… but Miss Guided is a gem and we should see it in action alongside other great programming.

  919. Bring it back!!!!

  920. please renew this wonderful show!!!

  921. Keep this good show on the air!

  922. No good show really hits its stride until the 3rd season – never mind 3rd WEEK!!!! Bring it back, then bring it ONNNNNN…

  923. Judy Greer is amazing, and it’s about damn time she became the main character instead of the supporting. Give this show 1 more full season, to see where the ratings go.? You owe it to the fans. its 2008 not 1998. Fans don’t cancellation that easy anymore.

  924. Love the show! I’ve been looking forward to watching it the past 2 weeks and was very sad there weren’t any new episodes! Please bring it back for another season! It is so entertaining and funny!

  925. Please bring this show back!! It’s a well-written, funny show. ABC needs more shows like this!!

  926. This show is genius! It is absolutely hilarious…. We need more comedy like this & ABC would do well to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  927. Why the hell do you network people continually cancel shows before they have chance. Some of the best shows i have ever seen were canceled in their 1st season or close to it. eeehmmmmm Family Guy, My So Called Life, Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, and more recently Journeyman & Miss Guided. Miss Guided is a quality show. It has a unique rhythm and style. This show is much funnier than any 30 minute comedy on tv. PLEASE bring it back!

  928. this show is a riot!!! Chris Parnell makes the show! Bring back the show!!!! it’s TOO funny to can it!

  929. Not only did I work on this great show and believe me, it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The show was a genuine, funny, well written, witty show. In this vast wasteland of reality t.v. please don’t cancel something that has truly brought many many people enjoyment. Give it and “us, as a t.v. viewing public” a chance. Many of us don’t like reality shows..they just pander to the lowest common denominator. Rise up above that ABC and show some class and dignity and allow the people to have a voice. DON’T CANCEL MISS GUIDED….you’d be making a fool of yourself..and your network.

  930. This show must come back!!!!!

  931. bring it on back

  932. This show was hilarious, but on at a very competitive time slot. Move it to a different night, don’t cancel it!

  933. I absolutely loved this show. It was very witty and very different. Most of the shows copy one another. This show was unique.
    Also, people can really relate to this show,in one way or another, as many of us had the same problems in high school and it’s good to see that things can change and be good in the end.
    Here’s wishing that you will return!

  934. this show is beyond brilliant! and judy greer is amazing!

    why quit when it was just getting so good?!!!
    bring it back!

  935. It’s my new favorite show. Please give me more!!

  936. don’t piss us off abc, this is the first show of yours i’ve made an effort to watch in more years then i can remember. bring it back!

  937. Funniest sitcom for the past several years!

  938. The best new sitcom of the season!

  939. I NEVER watch sitcoms. I always find them to be detached and pointless, until I saw Miss Guided. It’s such a great show, and I’m stunned that it’s not still airing. Please bring it back!!!!

  940. SO UNIQUE AND FUNNY!!! So accessible and something for everyone to relate to. I can’t even believe I have to sign this. BRING HER BACK!

  941. This show must come back!!!!! please renew this wonderful show!!!

  942. Please continue with this show. Miss Guided is the funniest show on TV. Please find a better time slot where Miss Guided isn’t going head-to-head against Survivor and it will gain millions of new viewers.

    Miss Guided is the BEST SHOW on TV!!!!!!!!!!

  943. Please bring back Miss Guided, the first good comedy on ABC in ages.

  944. Once again we are presented with a wonderfully written and superbly acted show…so I supose it is doomed to fail in the usual network mix-up. Judy Greer brings a new character to TV and we should all support this show.

    Please give it a chance!!!!

  945. Keep this show!!

  946. I agree!This show must be continuedIt’s very funny!

  947. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
    Absolutely Hilarious!!!! Judy Greer is fabulous!!!!

  948. Really enjoyed Judi and Brook and Kris P. They have the best three-way chemistry since 3’s Company. Hopefully the show will also run as long.

    Such fun smart writing.

  949. we love this show…plz keep it on the air

  950. Please bring it back and give it time to grow. Seinfeld wouldn’t have been what it was if not given time to find an audience. Everyone loves Judy Greer!

  951. Hello,
    My daughter and I don’t talk very much. One day we were on the couch and started watching Miss Guided, and before you knew it we were engaged in a full conversation. Eventually Judy, my daughter, and I made Thursday nights our “date” nights and watched Miss Guided! After each episode we would talk and repeat the jokes we heard on that nights episode. When we found out that Miss Guided might not be on TV again we said we have to do something now!! So here I am writing on this petition to keep Miss Guided! I strongly believe that this is an amazing and entertaining family show that MUST stay on the air! Just look at what it did to our family!!!!!!! I LOVE MISS GUIDED!!! My whole family loves it, my husband Michael, my sons Oliver and Kyle and even my 7 year old Leah!

  952. i really liked this show. it’s hilarious. it needs a bigger chance to shine.

  953. I love this show! It is my absolute favorite show- when I need a laugh I turn to and watch past episodes. Please keep it!

  954. I LOVE this show. I’m so sick of the Grey’s Anatomy BS. Don’t take away good TV.

  955. I love this show.

  956. Please bring Miss Guided back! It became one of my favorite shows in the few weeks it was on. It is definitely a show that would keep growing if it were continued for a longer period of time!

  957. You must renew Miss Guided i love this show..

  958. Yeah!!! please ABC, Miss Guided is the best new shows i really watched for years!!! i hope the show comes back for a second season…

  959. Yeah!!! please ABC, Miss Guided is the best new shows i really watched since years!!! i hope the show comes back for a second seasonโ€ฆ
    i had a typo in the first comment :p

  960. The show was really funny! Please don’t pull the plug on something this funny!!

  961. Give the show a chance- it was hilarious!

  962. Ditto to all that’s been said. This is one of the best new shows I’ve seen in quite awhile. The writers and actors are spot-on in capturing the quirkiness of school and what it’s like to “go back” in a different capacity. My husband and I are both teachers and laugh out loud at many of the scenes. Judy really brings Becky to life, the supporting cast is great, the writing and directing good. (Anyone up for seeing “Dr. Specimen” make an appearance as the VP’s twin brother???).

  963. So many great one-liners! “Plastic surgery is like chicken soup for the face.” Too funny!

  964. This show is awesome, there’s so many mindless shows with laugh tracks, this is a show that is actually good. Chris Parnell is funnier than 95% of comic actors on network tv right now

  965. This is the funniest new show on t.v. this season. Sweet, smart, sassy, triumphant…plus, Judy Greer has been overlooked far too long. Please save this show!!

  966. Please bring this show back! Besides my favorite show in the world, “The Office”, “Miss Guided” is the only show on tv I look forward to watching. Judy Greer and Chris Parnell are hilarious! Give it another chance!!!

  967. This is a great show! So original and actually funny. Don’t let this show become another “Arrested Development”!

  968. Miss Guided is truly an inspirational comedy for those in high school to those near or beyond their 20 year reunions. ABC, isn’t that the demographic you are coveting??
    Please, no more reality TV shows!!!

  969. Please keep this show! It was so new and funny! And the cast was wonderful!!! Give it a chance!

  970. Please bring this show back. Its one of the freshest, funniest comedies on TV in a long time.

  971. Please Bring it back!! I love love love Miss guided!!

  972. Love the show. Love Judy Greer. Bring it back PLEASE!!!

  973. You MUST bring back this show. It’s fresh, funny and a true breath of fresh air among so many other stale shows. I found myself laughing out loud during so many of the episodes.

  974. Love this show. Love love LOVE it.
    Please give it a fair chance!

  975. It is rare when talent, comedy and witty satire actually come together in a sitcom as good and quirky and fun as Miss Guided. ABC, listen t your fans and keep this show coming. Great stuff.

  976. Keep Miss Guided going.

  977. i like this show. please keep it going

  978. Same here. Keep Miss Guided goin!

  979. good show. discovered it online, but hoping for more on tv. ๐Ÿ™‚

  980. This show is cool! Bruce is very funny, bring it back!

  981. I LOVED THIS SHOW!! Why do they have to play 2 nights every week of Ugly Betty & Dancing with the Stars?? I didn’t even watch ABC until they showed Miss Guided!! It was hilarious! Give it another chance, at least!!!! ASHTON is awesome! And so is JUDY!!! PLEASE BRING MISS GUIDED BACK!

  982. I have watched all the episodes online and they are hilarious. Please keep this show going! It hasn’t been long enough for people to get addicted to the characters and plot, but I assure you they will!

  983. please bring Miss Guided Back
    we need good humorous and clever sitcoms

  984. Keep Miss Guided Goin! On!

  985. Please keep this great show going!!!!!!!!

  986. This show is hilarious, please keep it going!!

  987. I liked this show. You should give it another chance.

  988. Please bring this show back!! I have never enjoyed a new show so much.

  989. This is my life!!

    I am a guidance counselor and I love this show.


  990. My family LOVES Miss Guided. We rarely get into TV and having a toddler we often don’t get into new shows but when we saw the cast we knew we had to watch it. From the first episode we were hooked. We looked forward to Thursdays and what a new episode would bring. It would be a shame to see such a great show not get brought back. Chris Parnell is way too funny and I look forward to seeing Judy Greer come more out of her shell and it can only get better!!!!

  991. Please don’t cancel Miss Guided!!! I love this show, and so do all of my co-workers. Chris Parnell is so awesome. This show has been the only way to get any fresh Chris Parnell action these days. Please don’t take my recently founded Chris Parnell obsession and amusement away from me.

  992. I LOVE this show! It’s the only one on ABC I watch regulary. Please don’t cancel!!

  993. This quirky show was one of the few shows where the characters actually spoke to me. Who can’t relate to at least one of the many characters, including the students whom Ms. Freeley guides?

    Simply put: I want my show back or I refuse to watch ABC!!!

  994. Please renew this show for the fall season! I love it, and Judy Greer is awesome! I first saw her on Kissing a Fool, and she’s hilarious!!

  995. Bring it back! You put it on at a horrible time, Thursdays are packed with other TV! Try on a different day.

  996. ABC, don’t make the mistakes that other networks make when they have a hit on their hands. Todd Holland’s track record speaks for itself. This is huge. 6 episodes is not enough to make a good decision. ABC you first mistake was to have two episodes back to back, when you knew they were 30 minutes in length. DO the right thing, and bring back Miss Guided back for another season. Give it a chance to bloom. You would be an idiot(s) if you don’t at least give it another 13 episodes. You have a hit…don’t be stupid!

  997. Please renew it, it is really funny..

  998. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Renew it!!

  999. My friends and I really like this show and would definitely watch more of it. Judy Greer is hot. Thank you.

  1000. i agree this show was soo cute and funny i don’t want it to end like the nine did why does abc do this you start to like a show then they cancell it i think that it is a scandal and that is flipping carzy!!!

  1001. aw oh why in the world would you shorten the season as such?
    it was going so lovely, and then…? such an abrupt ending? many viewers, including myself, were disappointed. it was actually a really well made and comedic show that quite evidently was loved in a matter of seven episodes.
    i truly hope you bring back the show and do another season or two.. or, you know.. three…thousand! but i may JUST be pushing it there
    really though
    give it a chance
    twas swell and funny and adorable. and it filled my days with shiny sun
    pretty please with plenty of cherries on top!
    muy muy Love

  1002. post script:
    just to justify a little further..
    there were a lot of loose ends untied, and to make this season the final season of a show chock full of potential wouldn’t be the most brainy choice, not to insult.
    for instance, Becky Freeley’s character should show more development, i’m sure EVERY body’s dying to know what happens with Becky and Tim, and in lieu to that what happens with Lisa Germain, and yadda yadda.. it’s all boring to read, but really
    give it a try

  1003. signed!

  1004. This show was well produced, and complete and pure entertainment. A nice change from the same stereotypical evening soaps we’ve been getting from ABC for the past couple years.

    Bring it back. It’s a terrible decision to cancel it after 3 weeks of double episodes. Fantastic show that would draw viewers by the minute.

    I’ve signed, have you?

    All the episodes are sitting on my DVR- With many repeat viewings…Judy Greer is AMAZING!
    ‘Rebel Yell’ was PURE GENIUS! ‘The Breakfast Club’ Revisited? AWESOME!
    Wouldn’t this make a nice block of sitcoms:


  1006. Please don’t cancel this cute show. I work in a school and it is nice to see a sit com set in a school. Enough crime scene shows.

  1007. This show is awesome and could really be the next big thing. Please give it a chance!

  1008. Please bring this show back. There is not enough to smile at today. I enjoyed the show.

  1009. I really love this show! I really want to see Tim and Becky get together!!! Please renew it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1010. This is one of the smartest comedies I’ve seen in a long time since Wonderfalls. Please don’t let it have the same fate as Wonderfalls. Bring it back.

  1011. I really adore this show, it’s light, funny, and such a wonderful change from the usual crimey grimy, dramatic things on TV. It’s become one of my favorite shows after watching a matter of 7 episodes. I think it would be a huge mistake to cancel it, and this petition is proof enough. I can guarantee that you would lose many viewers.
    Miss Guided has so much potential, and you guys at ABC were just gaining momentum. To end it while it was at that point is just, like I’ve already stated, a huge mistake.
    I just want to watch my Miss Guided!
    Please bring it back.
    Thank you sincerely for noting my opinion.

  1012. This is one of the best Comedy Shows since Friends and Will & Grace. I’ve missed a good show since those two went off the air and then finally someone brought this show to life. Hopefully there is someone at ABC who will actually read this and say “hey. they did like it. I want it back.” If Brian Frons is behind this then ABC wont do it.

  1013. There are too few good comedies on TV anymore, and when one does come along, like Miss Guided, the networks always seem to cancel it before it even has a chance to catch on. Give Miss Guided a chance to build an audience before yanking it! This is a very enjoyable show.

  1014. Save this show. It is one of the best, smartest and wittiest shows on TV right now.

  1015. Bring back Miss Guided! There haven’t been many good sitcoms in a while, and this one is the best by far!

  1016. Please bring Miss Guided back…I fell in love with the show from the previews and they were not misguiding at all. we need more comedies like this on tv…please give it a chance.

  1017. I loved the show. We need more like it with all the mind-numbing trash out there. Please bring this refreshingly direct and honest show back.

  1018. This show is so well written and primed to explode during its second season just as it surprised all of us this spring. TV needs this show, just not enough good comedy anymore! make it happen ABC. Go Miss/Guided Go!

  1019. Entertaining and something to look forward to. ABC do the right thing and renew Miss Guided!! It mad me laugh.

  1020. In true ABC fashion, you do not know what to do with a comedy. Like the John Stamos show a couple of years ago, you put episodes back to back. A sure way to kill a show (it seems like you only aired it to get rid of it), Give the show a real chance. Rewnew the show and you will be happy with the results. People loved it!!!

  1021. please keep this show running, it was beyond funny and kept me laughing throughout the whole show!

  1022. This show needs more episodes! I love it. It’s my new favorite.

  1023. Amazing show! Kristoffer Polaha is great!!!!!!!

  1024. You guys really need to give this show a chance!! Not everything golden will be this fantastic ratings magnet the first couple of episodes… like Seinfeld for example. It is such a great show and many people would be sad to lose it.

  1025. This is a great show. My husband and I look forward to watching it. From the very first commercial, we knew it would be funny. We are big fans of Chris Parnell and we would hate not seeing him every week. PLEASE SAVE MISS GUIDED!!!!

  1026. Please tell me this show isn’t already cancelled? How disappointing because this was not given enough time to catch on! It was such a refreshing spot in a slew of dismal shows. This is such a great show, Judy Greer is stellar in this role. Please ABC … give this one another chance!

  1027. this is a great show! BRING IT BACK!!!

  1028. a very funny show

  1029. Keep this show love it!!!!!

  1030. LOVE it!

  1031. This show is hilarious, my husband and i (both social workers) LOVE IT! nothing on tv is as witty as this show!!

  1032. Due to a hectic theatre schedule, I only got to see one episode….what do you mean it is gone? ALREADY?!? Hey, bring it back!
    There is enough other crap on tv, this was well written and funny and should stay!

  1033. I really want to see Chris Parnell be successful as a television actor! Please keep this show on the air!

  1034. Bring Miss Guided Back!!!!!

  1035. I hope the powers that be pay attention to the fact that people are watching and we love it! Keep it on, give it a good slot behind a strong show and let word spread. It’s a funny, sweet, well-written show. The only one on now that makes me laugh out loud.

  1036. i love this show. one of the best!!!! they show bring it back. i was showing my friends and the love it. they never love the same shows i do.

  1037. Bring Miss Guided Back!
    great show!

  1038. Miss Guided is one of the funniest shows on TV… it deserves another season!


  1040. This is a great show! The first sitcom to catch my attention since the 90s. I’d like to see it come back!

  1041. Lets finally keep something good on tv.=) Bring ’em Back!!

  1042. I loved this show ๐Ÿ™‚
    The witty humor on here had me rolling with laughter!

  1043. Come on! In a world full of crappy prime-time soap-style dramas, lame sit-coms, and truly pathetic reality shows, it’s about time we kept something witty and amusing and fun on the air! The good seem to die young (“Arrested Development” being the poster child for exactly this phenomenon.) ABC, I’m about to throw out my TV entirely.

  1044. First of all, talk about COMIC GENIUS!!! The entire cast is totally right-on 100% of the time. The writing is current and sharp. And I never ever thought I would be a fan of Brooke Burke- but I have to say- she was born to play Lisa Germain! This show CANNOT suffer the fate of many female-lead shows- this is one of the only comedies that I can watch with my family! Place Miss Guided before/after Samantha Who? and watch the ratings soar! SAVE THIS SHOW! SAVE IT!

  1045. Please keep the show! I discovered this show by accident and absolutely love it. Bring it back; it deserves a chance!

  1046. Please keep Miss Guided on the air. I am a public school teacher and found this show hilarious. Everyone in my family LOVES this show. I actually laugh out loud while watching and very few sitcoms will actually make me laugh. Let’s see, I would say it ranks up there with The Office and Sinefeld. The characters are great and the topic is fresh and new. There are way too many doctor/nurse and quirky couple shows on the air. This show is original and VERY FUNNY!

  1047. Keep this great show on the air!

  1048. I really enjoy this show and I don’t watch much TV. Judy Greer is fabulous!

  1049. Very funny show. Please keep it! It’s fresh, funny, sweet. I dread to think it’s dropped for another crappy ‘reality’ show. Come on–Wife Swap, Supernanny, Newlyweds, Bachelor??

  1050. Give the show a chance. t takes a least a couple shows to set up a plot. Miss guided was a very funny show. With all the crap on TV it was about time something funny aired.

  1051. From someone who’s disappointed with most current programming, Miss Guided is great…it’s so refreshingly different from other shows on the air these days, and even from traditional sitcoms I’ve seen in the past. Definitely one of my favorite shows!

  1052. this cast is great and SO FUNNY

    please come back!!

  1053. Love this show – bring it back!!!!!

  1054. I need some Miss Guided in my life! Please don’t cut my new favorite show!!!

  1055. I’ve been watching it online and I love it! Please renew–we don’t need another reality show. A little humor is much needed–there’s a recession on!!! Please?

  1056. Amazing show! Don’t let it die!

  1057. Missing Miss Guided

  1058. “Missing Miss Guided” as well. Bring it back.

  1059. I LOVE the show!!! Please keep the episodes coming!!!

  1060. Please bring back this show. It’s comedic genius, and my family misses it.

  1061. As a citizen of the great state of Iowa, I feel that it is our obligation to support our local, cornfed Iowa hottie, Ashton Kutcher. BRING BACK MISS GUIDED!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1062. Please bring it back!

  1063. Bring this show back for another season. It was so great..I fell in love with it instantly!

  1064. BRING BACK BECKY!! i loved this show the first episode! i had all of my friends watching it online because i was so excited.

  1065. Renew Renew!

  1066. Miss Guided is a cute show that is, in fact, an accurate depiction of teachers. I am a high school Spanish teacher and find it to be not only humorous, but insightful and reflective.

  1067. Please Bring It Back — it was my favourite show!

  1068. Every episode got better and better and once I started getting my friends to watch it it went off the air. Please bring it back!

  1069. My husband and I both loved this show. Every week that it came on we didn’t even tivo it we were to excited and watched it as it was showing. (Which we never ever do anymore if its not recorded then we don’t watch it) So that says alot for us it was one of our favorite shows. Please bring it back.

  1070. This show was so funny. I am really disappointed that they have taken it off the air. They really need to bring it back.

  1071. renew the show please it was good

  1072. We miss Miss Guided!! Funniest new show this season. Bring it back, ABC!!!

  1073. Love this show. Please keep it on!

  1074. I really loved Miss Guided. I told my parents about it.. I am 30 they are 60. We all cracked up laughing each time it was on! I was wondering where it went. I told two of my teacher friends to watch and my sister who is also a teacher to watch.. but they missed it. They keep asking me when it is on… I can’t believe it is over… That is a bad choice!

    Please bring it back!

  1075. This is my favorite new sitcom. Just hilarious. I will be really disappointed in ABC if they let this go.

  1076. so sad about this please please bring this back, it was far better than most shows around

  1077. It’s so disappointing not to see this show on the fall schedule. Please give it a fair shot, ABC!

  1078. I LOVED this show! It was fresh, funny, and very entertaining, and it’d be a shame to see it go!

  1079. I LOVED this show!!! I would be very very mad if it didn’t come back!!! I was very surprised when it vanished off, I thought for sure it had to be a hit, please please bring it back!

  1080. Please bring this show back – very light hearted and funny.

  1081. Couldn’t wait for this show to begin and wasn’t disappointed when it did!!! Soooo funny! I’m shocked that it isn’t making a return in the fall!

  1082. I love this girl , Please don’t cancel ! AHHHHHhhhhHhh

  1083. bring it back! the cast was hilarious and the writing was brilliant. bring it back!

  1084. Judy is an absolute comic genius. The rest of the cast is brilliant. And to have this show as a midseason replacement was a HUGE mistake… you never gave it a proper chance to gain a full audience… most people were unaware of it until I told them about it. AND THEY LOVED IT! Please bring it back. It was so witty! Enough with boring dramas that people constantly complain about!

  1085. Please bring back missguided…I love this show

  1086. Bring it back… it was so great T___T

  1087. This is a great show. It made me laugh while the writers strike was going on.

  1088. ABC. what the hell..
    you cancel woman’s murder club(when you never promoted it) and now you cancel your only funny comedy besides samantha who??

    yall need to grow some balls over there, and show us you know what a good show is.

  1089. I watched every episode! I would have gladly watched more and kept looking for it to return this season. There should be more comedies–entertainment can’t all be drama. I do watch Grey’s and B&S and will still turn into ABC. I hate and will not watch ANY reality shows EVER. This and Carpoolers were great shows and I wish they were going to return.

    i really love this show

  1091. Please renew Miss Guided. I love this show!! It is so funny!! This is truly the best sitcom in years.

  1092. Please save Miss Guided. Cleaver show, wonderful performances and some of the best sight gags I have seen in a long time.

  1093. Please renew this show, it’s amazing!

  1094. PLEASE bring this back! My mom and I love it, and I’m so upset it’s cancelled!

  1095. Bring the show back, it has a lot of potential. It is actually better than Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty in terms of everything.

  1096. please renew Miss Guided…..

    this drama is very popular in Korea…

    many Korea fan love this cute teacher

    we very very very want season2


  1097. Please!! Give it a chance!

    it definately deserves a second chance

    I want to see this show back in the fall

  1098. I loved the show and am disappointed that it has been canceled. Give it a second thought, ABC!!! Bring back Miss Guided!

  1099. lOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS SHOW. Rerun it this summer, see if more people watch. Please, give it a chance. It was aired during the strike, it was just bad timing

  1100. Great show! I hope it somehow gets a second chance!

  1101. I really love this show!! Please don’t cancel it!! Bring back Miss Guided!!

  1102. Miss Guided is a great comedy. Judy Greer is wonderful, beautiful, charming and many other great things. Don’t let it end…

  1103. Best show I’ve seen in a while

  1104. Please bring it back…love it.


  1106. I concur with Meg above, she couldn’t have said it better!

  1107. Renew Miss Guided! Do I really need to say why? Just watch the show and you will see it should be on instead of most shows on TV. I will never understand the thinking of the TV suits.

  1108. Please renew it!!

  1109. Please bring back Miss Guided!! The show was wonderfully charming, and it would be great paired with Samantha who? That would be awesome TV night. I love the show it is so funny, and it has a great cast!!1

  1110. Please, please, please bring back Miss Guided, my entire school loves this show!!!

  1111. Please bring back this great show with an amazing cast! Everyone I know that watched the show loved it! You can not premier a show right after a writers strike…all shows ratings were down b/c the general public didn’t know what was going on. Bring it back and give it a proper season premier!!!!!!!!

  1112. Great show for me and my daughter to watch together! Please bring it back!

  1113. Please bring back during the summer to gain more viewers!!!!!! Judy Greer is AMAZING!!!

  1114. Bring Miss Guided back!!! It’s great to see a comedy that not all about sex. It’s great for everyone to watch! Bring it back!

  1115. Miss Guided was a really good comedy. I think everyone can relate to someone on that show. Please bring Miss Guided back. Please Please Please Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!

  1116. You have to bring Miss Guided back. It was such a good show. You didn’t even give it a chance to gain viewers. Please bring it back.

  1117. I loved this show. I still have it on my DVR, I’m not deleting it either! Please make more episodes!!!!!!!!!

  1118. It was such a good show, please bring Miss Guided back!

  1119. Bring Miss Guided BACK!!!!!!!! now. lol


  1121. Miss Guided is the funniest show on television- hands down. I have never laughed out loud so many times at a TV show. With all the stupid reality shows, pointless game shows, and not funny sitcoms (ie. the 40th version of the Bachelor/Bachlorette, Moment of Truth, How I Met Your Mother), that somehow remain on the air Miss Guided was a breath of fresh air. Please bring it back. It’s clever, hilarious, and the cast is outstanding.

  1122. Miss Guided faintly reminded me of my favorite show, Arrested Development, because of its witty humor and funny cast.


  1123. bring it back

  1124. bring it back!

  1125. Bring Miss Guided back. Such great writing. I looked forward to this show every week while it was on. So clever and cute. Favorite show of this entire season!!

  1126. Bring Back Miss Guided. All my friends and i watched it and we thought it was hilarious.

  1127. This was a hilarious show. It is just like the networks to cancel a show this funny, yet keep running a million different version of the same legal drama!!!

  1128. It’s such a shame ABC didn’t give Miss Guided a chance considering how incredibly rare really good TV shows are.

  1129. I never do this – but I thought this show was so witty and funny and just sweet. It made me have those HS butterflies everytime I watched Polaha and Greer together. Please give it another chance!

  1130. OMG! How could you cancell it? One of the best shows on tv. I taped all of them, thank god. It didn’t get its chance. I have told everyone about it. I have shown the episodes to family and friends. They love it! No one really knew what time it was on or when. One more chance. I would cry without this school!

  1131. PLEASE bring this show back!! Come on, it was on during the writer’s strike. No one was watching during that time. Give it a chance in the fall and see how it does!! PLEASE!!!!!

  1132. Please bring back this show!! This was the most witty and charming show this season. Please give it a chance. Judy Greer was hilarious!

  1133. bring it back plz! its so funny i love this show

  1134. This was a good comedy that deserves a second season (and a bit better timeslot) to gain an audience and prove itself. Witty, charming, and sweet.

  1135. I thought the cast was awesome, and the show was getting better with each episode. I miss watching it on TV, and I think it should have been on for more than only 3 weeks. I do like the back-to-back half hour episodes though.

  1136. Why not pair it with monday night’s showing of Smantha Who? It’s a good show… keep it on air.

  1137. Last year you took away “What About Brian” and now you’re taking away “Miss Guided” as well? What gives? I loved this show! I enjoyed the relationships between the characters and the witty dialogue. Please consider giving it another chance or at least putting the shown episodes back on so I can watch my favorites again. I’m so bummed…

  1138. BRING IT BACK!! Easily made my top 5 fav comedies

  1139. This was one of the best shows on TV. Way funnier than Ugly Betty. BRING IT BACK NOW!

  1140. This show is easily one of the funniest i’ve seen in a very long time, you HAVE to bring it back!

  1141. is miss guided comming back on??? i love this show, it is the best and it is soooooo funny. i hop you bring this show back on because the humor in it just made me laugh and laugh.

  1142. Please bring back Miss Guided! It was hardly given and chance and was an entertaining show! A lot more entertaining than a lot of the shows they bring back year after year (i.e. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, the list can go on and on). Give the show a second chance!

  1143. Airing it twice a night on God knows which weeknight, for someone who liked the show it was hard to keep track! It was the freshest, smartest, yet accessible comedy in a long time. It was like Arrested Development light. Judy Greer is a pure joy in the role, better than anything she’s done in the past (and she’s done a LOT!). The ensemble cast is fantastic, too, and not one actor overpowered any scene.

    Please bring the show back. Why take a gamble on new shows when you already have a fan following for this show? Just give it time to be able to spread the word!

  1144. This was one of the VERY few sitcoms we could actually watch as a family. Most are too immoral and in bad taste. This was so cute and funny, without all the foul language and bedroom scenes or references.

    The only way we got to see it was thanks to our dvr, because it never had its own time slot and only 7 shows.
    At least give a good series a fair shot by having a whole season, without a writers’ strike, at the same time slot!!!

  1145. loved this show- my husband even enjoyed it! bring it back- it deserves a FULL season

  1146. I also very much enjoyed Miss Guided. Please bring it back on the air.

  1147. bring this show back you bunch of a-holes! i loved this show. i would watch it like 5 times on the damn dvr cause it was hilarious! wtf!!

  1148. bring back the show it was funny and my whole family loved it

  1149. Bring back the show and cancel something else that no one gives a rats behind about!

  1150. This show was freakin hilarious, it really should be given another shot.

  1151. Please give it a chance for a second season.
    I thought it was a great show.

  1152. Please give this show a few more episodes to prove itself.

    You’re not going to find a more charming and talented lead like Judy Greer, and the writers really started to hit their stride around the 4th or 5th episode. The storylines and supporting cast were really beginning to click and then you pull the plug.

    Think about it … you spend all the time and money to develop a show and then you kill it as soon as it begins to fulfill its promise. It doesn’t make any business sense, and makes people less and less likely to commit to any new show on your network (why bother if it’s likely to be canceled regardless of merit?).

    Do the right thing and give this show another chance. Thanks.

  1153. Please bring this show back. It was such a cute show to watch! I was looking forward to watching it every week.

  1154. Please bring Miss Guided back! I loved this show and the lead actress. She is so funny!! Please!! I had been looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next and then I found out today that it was freakin’ cancelled! So not fair!!!!!!

  1155. Please give Miss Guided another chance. I love this show!

  1156. Please bring Miss Guided back!! My husband and I loved the show! It was so fresh, quirky and funny.

  1157. I am studying to be a teacher, this show is amazing!! The humor is very funny. Please, please bring it back, it may not have done too well releasing it after the writer’s strike, however I think it would be popular if it were to be released in the fall!

  1158. PLEASE do not cancel, one of the few new refreashing shows, give it a chance!

  1159. Bring it back!!

  1160. Bring it back!!


  1162. i loved the chemistry between tim and becky
    please bring back the show! i miss it soo much

  1163. bring back the oreos!

  1164. The show is worthy.

  1165. My sister got me hooked on this show…and Judy Greer is awesome on this show, ever since Arrested Development was cancelled ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Save the show!!!

  1166. The show is worthy.
    -this is the word of the lord

  1167. tim has a threesome with becky and that other lady.


  1169. I LOVE “Miss Guided!” After years of being hooked on TV, I almost STOPPED watching it, except for movies, as of Jan ’08–then came MG! Wow. I couldn’t believe how FAST it caught me. I usually watch a new show about 2 years into a series–but this one I was watching and saving right away. EXCELLENT! When another writer here mentioned how people could become hesitant to enjoy a show, because it might just be cancelled, I remembered “What About Brian?” which I also adored (a rare thing these years), and realized these are BOTH from ABC. Please don’t forget how to do great fictional shows. Maybe our society is becoming less “mass” in what it enjoys…please keep these on the air for those of us who find there is NOTHING ELSE worth tuning into, much less saving.

    SAVE MISS GUIDED! (And WAB too…I’ll watch! and so will my extended family!)

  1170. Someone made a good point about the Writers’ Strike–I mean, it’s GREAT to launch a new show after the strike is over–but to JUDGE it then, when people’s viewing habits have been virtually ROCKED? Don’t do it! You’ll end up with your show on “Funniest Cancelled Shows” and have young narrators wax critical of the ABC planners of ’08. Give the show a fair season…please!

  1171. Please bring it back – funniest new show on TV.

  1172. ABC can either save a quirky little gem and watch it flourish in time, or they can be a bunch of dumb@$$e$…………..

  1173. I am a teacher and I love this show!!! After a stressful day of administrators and the government with its NCLB, it makes me laugh in a good way and want to go back into the trenches the next day. Keep it on the air!

  1174. Why cancel this amazing show?
    It had so much potential!

  1175. This show was hilarious. My husband & I absolutely loved it! Please don’t get rid of it!!!!

  1176. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Guided. Judy Greer was so endearing and charming, even when she was being more childish than her students. Not always funny, but always entertaining. This show is a diamond in the rough – PLEASE RENEW IT!

  1177. We love Miss Guided! It is nice to see a very funny sitcom, amidst all of the silly reality shows that will not go away. Please bring it back!!

  1178. I absolutely loved this show!! I was only able to watch a couple of the episodes so I bought the whole season off of iTunes. While the first season was amazing there are only so many times I can watch those episodes on my ipod, I need new episodes!! Please bring the show back and you’ll make make everyone very very happy!

  1179. This show was a favorite in our house hold, watched it every night PLEASE renew it ABC!

  1180. Bring the show back! It has great potential!

  1181. bring show back


  1183. Miss Guided was one of the most well-written comedies on television – a great way to save scripted television! And a great vehicle for the hilarious Judy Greer.

  1184. Love me some Judy Greer. Let’s get her back on the small screen.

  1185. I agree! Bring it back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1186. My wife and I enjoyed this show immensely. Lets get it back on the air!

  1187. Three weeks ain’t enough time too attract viewers!

  1188. bring the show back!! three weeks is nowhere enough time to see its success! we want more!

  1189. love this show

  1190. Miss Guided is a wonderful show! It very quickly became my favorite show on TV. The characters are eay to relate to and the show was fun to watch. Please bring back this wonderful show for another season!

  1191. Hilarious show. Just like Carpoolers was. ABC has some good shows now (Lost, Pushing Daisies), but they are just missing on the half hour shows. These two shows would make a fantastic funny hour. I just don’t get these network people. Plus Judy Greer is a total fox!

  1192. Miss Guided was a breath of fresh air in the comedy sitcom area. After just one episode me and my mother were hooked on the show and really believe this show deserves a second chance to gain it’s voice properly (meaning not in three weeks in the middle of march, but at the beginning of the season with a regular run). Also Judy Greer was amazing and her awkwardness never came off as fake or phony. Her and the rests of the casts acting and comedic timing was spot on and deserves a better shot!

  1193. This is coming from an educator! I love it and it displays how later in life you always still feel like you are in high school! Pleas give it another shot…

  1194. Please bring back Miss Guided. This show rocked. The numbers were getting better and would be great a follow up to Ugly Betty. Judy Greer and cast are phenominal and the writing quirky, witty, and just plain hilarious. ABC is making a bad judgement call on this show. RETHINK THIS ABC, AND PUT THIS SHOW ON AFTER UGLY BETTY!!

  1195. Miss Guided has been one of the greatest shows in recent years. The humor and messages are wonderful! It’s a shame that every single show we see now is a bunch of reality shows and dramas about mid-late 20 year olds complaining about their lives or about 30-40 year olds trying to act like they’re in their 20s.

    This show was refreshing, hilarious, and a keeper.

    I agree, after Ugly Betty!

  1196. I agree, please bring back Miss Guided and show it after Ugly Betty =)

  1197. pls pls bring miss guided back

  1198. I loved Miss guided it was so funny. So please bring it back. Thanks

  1199. Miss Guided was so funny. It was one of my favorite T.V. shows. I started watching it because of my sister and she loves it too. So bring back Miss Guided!

  1200. i really want miss guided back. it was brilliant โ€Ž

  1201. I was hooked from the 1st episode! Bring it back, its awesome!!!

  1202. I need my weekly Polaha fix!!! Bring it back!!

  1203. please bring miss guided back

  1204. Bring it back!!!!

  1205. Keep this show on the air! It’s the best new show I’ve seen in years!

  1206. Please please please bring it back!! This was one of the funniest shows on in a very long time!!!!

  1207. Please bring it back! Judy Greer is AMAZING, and the ensemble was perfect, too. (Best Chris Parnell role since Dr. Spaceman!) Please please please! I’m really missing it… Pun intended!

  1208. Miss Guided is a great show! Please bring it back!!!

  1209. this show is so good, it’s definitely depressing to find out that after just one season it’s gonna be gone. 1) it was basically just getting great, the plots were growing, we were loving the characters more and more, 2) there were ends left untied. to end it here would be abrupt and cost viewers.
    simply looking at this petition it’s easy to see that this show is loved even with only seven episodes’ worth of air; so why not give it more time to breathe?
    seriously, it’s a fantastic show. please bring it back. it would be much appreciated, as T.V. needs good stuff like this rather than much of the stuff that’s bombarded at us through the telly vee.

  1210. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1211. Please bring back Miss Guided! I loved the humor & creativity!!

  1212. PLEASE bring back this show!!! It was original & funny, and definitely better than some of your other shows!!

  1213. This show would be a hit if it was given the chance! I just found out it was cancelled when I checked the fall schedule on the website. Please give it a chance!

  1214. Miss Guided was a darling and fresh comedy. Please bring it back!

  1215. please bring back this show!!!

  1216. great show. very funny, yet relevant to real-life (you can’t say that about many shows). thanks for a great first season, but hope they bring it back for more great episodes.


  1218. Please bring back this show! It was SO funny!

  1219. I love Miss Guided. It is so funny and it has a good plot. PLEASE BRING BACK MISS GUIDED!

  1220. this is such a great show do not cancel it your channel cancels every show it is ridiculous

  1221. Bring back Miss Guided! It was so funny and so real. It’s been a long time since such a great show was on TV–the writing, directing, and actors are fabulous!

  1222. This is the best new show I’ve seen in a long time. Please bring it back.I can’t believe ABC canceled this, but kept a show like Wipeout. Who made THAT decision?

  1223. This is my favorite show please do not let it die like this!! Bring miss Guided back!!! It was so funny and had great potencial. Please out of the goodness of you heart bring it back!


  1224. Please bring this sgow back, this was the best show that ABC has ever done!

  1225. Miss Guided is the best show ever!! Bring it back

  1226. I was just checking online to see when this show would be coming back and was upset to read that it had been cancelled. I really enjoyed this show. It’s realistic & believable. I can totally relate to Becky.

  1227. Please bring this show back!!!!!

  1228. please dont let it go like this NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  1229. Stupid fucking ABC. typical.


  1231. I love Judy Greer!
    Please find her a show, if this one is dead!

  1232. I really really really LOVE MISS GUIDED! Obviously, seven episodes are not enough! Bring back MISS GUIDED! It’s a very funny and witty show so I don’t know how come it was cancelled.I really love the story.Everyone does! MISS GUIDED DESERVES TO HAVE ANOTHER SEASON! BRING MISS GUIDED BACK!

  1233. Yes, I agree! BRING BACK MISS GUIDED! ABC should continue airing and should sign for more upcoming seasons! It shows the humorous side of teachers in the school system. It is a very unusual (in a good way) and witty yet hilarous sitcom. ABC claims that Miss Guided has low ratings but I think the reason why it had low ratings is because they poorly promoted it. Their shows like LOST or Desperate Housewives are very cliched and predictable, unlike Miss Guided, it’s very funny and addicting as well. Why does ABC cancels all of their good shows. It really has a good potential to be a success. They really made a huge mistake cancelling this unique and witty show. If they’re not going to sign for another season and bring it back, then I suggest they should just SELL MISS GUIDED TO OTHER NETWORKS BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE ARE REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCH MISS GUIDED! PEOPLE, LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN T.V HISTORY! LET’S CONVINCE ABC TO SIGN MISS GUIDED FOR MORE SEASONS!

  1234. Bring back miss guided. loved the show and find it sad it only lasted 7 episodes i mean come on, the show is soooooooo much better then crap like TILL DEATH thats on fox. So explain to me this why crap like that can stay 3 seasons and more and why cant a good show like MISS GUIDED stay too. it was one of the funniest things on tv for a while. You should be a shamed

  1235. This show was so cool. Judy Greer was truly phenomenal as Becky. Highschool has never been funnier! Bring Miss Guided back !

  1236. Please bring the show back!!!!
    I love this show and Judy Greer is really funny !
    pls bring it back

  1237. This is my favorite show, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!

  1238. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW!!! Why in the world would you think of taking it off air!!?!

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please BRING IT BACK !

  1239. I WANT MISS GUIDED BACK ON AIR ! Please bring it back, we ALL want it back!!

  1240. I know this is an outdated petition now, but I just wanted to leave a few words to let everyone know that this show is not forgotten. In fact, I am in college now and I remember seeing this show back when I was undecided what I wanted to do with my life, and it inspired me to consider the guidance counselor route.

    There’s no doubt about it, Judy Greer was a good role model on the show; she was kind, understanding, caring, and really took her job seriously. Plus the show had element of comedy that was ever present. In other words, the show was something to be admired! So it is terribly sad that it was canceled when it was. Please, oh please! Bring it back!!

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