Vote for Miss Guided – Teen Choice Nominee!

MISS GUIDED has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category “Choice TV: Breakout Show”

Please follow the link below to vote!

You must be between the ages of 13 – 19 to vote for the Teen Choice Awards, so send this to all the teenagers you know!


  1. bring back the show, you cant let something great like this die!!

  2. Great cast. Great Show. Silly network.

  3. Fantastic show – bring it back

  4. This was the best show ever!!! BRING IT BACK!!!! I will stop watching ABC until its back on!!!

  5. I loved this show don’t let it die!!!! Miss Guided come back!!!

  6. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG even i loved this show!!!!!!!!!

  8. This was truly a unique show. Please bring it back!


  10. Please bring back this show, or atleast a show with chris parnell as the main character, that dude is fucking hillarious… the show would be nothing without him.. all hail chris parnell

  11. I love this show….I have watched all the episodes of that show over and over again at least three times this week ….if it was not good…..why would I do that?

    Why good shows can’t last long? Like the other shows..Journeyman(2007) and Traverler(2007)?

    Especially “Miss guided”, a show which makes people feel easy and warm and touching but it has been “canceled”?

    The audiences doen’t deserve a show which makes them feel comfortable?

  12. this show was so original, fresh and undeniably funny! its a crime that it got cancelled, must be brought back !

  13. Please bring the show back!!!!
    I love this show and Judy Greer is hella funny !
    pls bring it back


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